Truth is…

blueheartmughalf.jpgThe adage, truth is stranger than fiction, sure rings clear when considering some news stories.  I often think nothing could top what’s already been done or said by Cindy Sheehan and then I correct my words and say, I shall never cease to be amazed at what she says or does – but, truly, that she has “followers” or supporters really is astonishing.  And, by the way, I do not begrudge a woman grieving the loss of her son.  But (to me) her antics or her behaviour is beyond the pale.  So now she’s selling and signing books and she’s claiming a stunning feat: that she’s a finalist for a Nobel Peace Prize.  If that happens… well… *anything* is possible and nothing shall surprise me in the future.  And… wasn’t she going to just go home if the President would talk with her.  I still think he should have talked to her… maybe he would have called her bluff.  No worries.  Her bluff’s been called.  Too bad there are so many who don’t know that yet and continue to clamour after the pink smoke.  I guess she’ll be the frontrunner in ’08.  May the LORD save this nation.

My husband reads books to our family a couple of nights a week and we just fished listening to him read A Table in the Presence by LT Carey Cash.   What an incredibly powerful and amazing account of the first days of the war in Iraq.  What Cindy Sheehan protests and LT Cash reports are two distinctly different operations, to be sure.  Her vitriol and his eyewitness account are dramatically opposite the other.  We highly recommend the book… an account of the miraculous work and protection of God in the lives of soldiers in combat –the battle for more than their lives and freedom for the Iraqi people.  A story of divine provision and protection that’s likely been repeated countless times in the lives of the soldiers in battle.


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