A Crown of… glory

blueheartmughalf.jpgI can hardly write today as I am giddy with excitement over an appointment I have tomorrow morning.  I am considering all the delightful things that are equal in value… a used car… a Bosch mixer and *all* the attachments.  A computerized sewing machine… well a low end machine, anyway. A digital camera and a vacation spot to take pics. A new wardrobe (*not* from a thrift store, eBay or Craig’sList).  A new keyboard for Kathryn.  A new computer for her as well as a printer, paper, and a maid (to replace the one we have ~wink~) for a month.  O, the list is endless –the possibilities are endless.  I was thinking of all the jewels that could be fitted into a crown.  But then… the crown I am getting won’t have space for jewels.  Hmmm, too bad.

A crown is like buying a new transmission for a car.  Or repairing the septic system for the house.  It’s the best thing you can do with that amount of money when you need to solve a transportation or storage (?) problem… but you just can’t show everyone the delightful new purchase.  You also cannot invite everyone to look in your mouth as you show off your new Bosch mixer + attachments, computerized sewing machine, digital camerawardrobe … crown (with no jewels).  When I think of a crown I’d like to wear, the one I’m getting doesn’t immediately thrill and excite me.  It’s no where near the style I was hoping to wear.

So, the next time we visit… I may want to show you my neat new acquisition.  But I won’t.  I really would suggest, however, brushing and flossing and whatever else you can think of adding to the list of practices that prevent wearing crowns you can’t or won’t show off.

I guess I can delight in my community service or our sort of philanthropic ventures.  You see, I just marvel over the sacrifices made for the betterment and enrichment of many dentist’s families. I suppose that in my self-sacrificing denial of new mixers, sewing machines, cameras, vacations and/or a myriad of other delights, my husband’s been instrumental in the provision of all those things and more for a whole lot of wives.  Mygoodness, I will think of my husband in a whole new light from this day forward!  As if I don’t already totally admire his sacrificial living and giving nature, I see a new dimension I hadn’t recognized heretofore.  I will practically skip into that office and cling to that chair in the morning at the prospect of the marvelous privilege we have to better the lives of the family members of that dentist.  O, the prospect is so inspiring, and the blessings innumerable, I wish I could go there this moment!  I wonder what he would say if I announced my arrival:  I’ve come here today  to bless you.   (If you can say that and sound like Nancy Campbell… bonus!)


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