“ooooo, that’s different!”

blueheartmughalf.jpgIn the ongoing saga of attempting to set up an online “store,” we continue to find out that there’s just “one more thing” to take care of before we can do the next thing and “just one more thing” till that can happen and so on. So, yesterday, we were sitting at the bank opening another account to handle merchant stuff and business transactions. This was our second trip because we learned during the first visit that we needed to have the business name registered… that we could not use the business license we’ve had for many years to open the account because the name didn’t match.

Okay… so over to the Department of Revenue. Once there, we filled out the necessary paperwork and gave them what they really wanted: $. O, I know they wanted us to fill out the necessary paperwork to legally conduct another business in this state, but the bottom line is always the bottom line: money. We don’t argue with the IRS… remembering that regarding money and the IRS: just run it together: the irs. Theirs.

So we were sitting at the bank and the accounts rep asked to see photo ID, and so Wes and I handed her our driver’s licenses. She looked at his, handed it back; looked at mine – sat back and said, “ooooo, that’s different!” I put on my glasses to see what had happened to my license (go ahead, laugh). I laughed out loud and said, “Yes… it is.” In that pic, my hair is down, my hair is dark brown and I look… yes: “ooooo, that’s different!” So, yes, me today, me then… oooo, that’s different. My weight is not accurate either. It wasn’t then and it isn’t now. But do you think I am going to go over to the Department of Licensing and get a new license? No. O, c’mon… you wouldn’t either. And it’s not just the money. It’s nostalgia. That, and I have a year and a half to carry around this “ooooo, that’s different!” picture. Besides, I sort of miss that girl and, actually, it’ll do my heart good to see that picture from time to time. It’ll have sort of an aerobic effect on me to see it. My heart will race and I’ll think omygoodness, my time’s slipping away pretty fast and I’ll get a lot of exercise chasing memories!

So, the paperwork’s done, the name’s registered and in place. Now all we need is something to market and we’ll be online! ~wink!~

ooooo, that’s different pamelasig2.jpg

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  1. This wouldn’t be the reason why we don’t see your smiling face much anymore, is it: ~grin~

    When I first moved to our current state I got a new license. Oh it was a beautiful picture! I loved taking it out when someone asked for it. It was one of the nicest pictures of me. Well, daughter lost my wallet one year and that was that. I miss that photo. It held my youth all in one photo. Seriously, it made me feel wonder every time I looked at it. It was the person I remembered me to be, not the person I had become.

    Now, it would be lovely to see more photos of you and your family again. I miss seeing the little ones grow and seeing your smiling face. The old blog was wonderful for that.


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