Another Saturday Morning

Another Saturday Morning
February 11, 2006

It’s early… one of the kinds of mornings I treasure so much… spending time with one child—the little early-birdie who brings the sunshine in!   Standing at the counter, and he sitting on the stool with the cutting board pulled out to form a table for him next to the toaster, we enjoyed tea and toast together. I’m purposefully etching the moment into my memory… for the days are fleeting.

I’ve browsed the paper (yes, the paper-paper—-I remembered where I’d last set my glasses and thankfully, didn’t have to ask for the billionth time to no one in particular: “has anyone seen my glasses?”) and then I came into the sunroom to see the mails and messages on the computer.    Two letters, in particular, stood out to me this morning… one encouraging me to get back on track writing to and about homemakers/homemaking and the other, an encouragement to keep on doing the work I’m doing.

So, I mulled over the letters, the other mail and more news stories.  I studied more about (what I’ve not talked about at all here) an upcoming surgery I will have next week.  And, like the gift of a mother’s laryngitis to her children ~wink~ I’ll be a bit too pre-op-upied to blog and too post-op-upied to tell about it.  Anyway, I’m creating a page… a journal of sorts that details the journey a bit and gives a bit of information on options and surgery, etc.  I’ll share later about this thrilling adventure—sparing the not-so-entertaining details of course.  I am smiling as I suppose were I to blog this time next week… the writing might be very amusing—that, or they’d lock me away for certain and toss away the key when the entry looks like:


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But that’s a blog for another day.  Okay, so, I know I’ve been inordinately preoccupied with the social trends and will likely continue to be so—to a degree… it’s just a reflection of who I am—-but I’m also preoccupied with marriage and family.  These all seem to, with the influence of societal assaults, intersect and sometimes, collide.

I don’t know if I think it’s my duty or obligation or just what, but I do feel constrained to share from time to time (and I’ll concede it’s really been overboard lately) the societal trends and trends in the church.  I do this for many reasons, not the least of which is stand against the gradual inclination for Christians to blend with society or to have society blend into them.  I share different things or different angles of things because I feel I cannot idly sit at the intersection and not sound the horn when fully loaded semi carrying toxic waste is careening toward the van that’s carrying innocent children and is sitting in harm’s way.  This probably sounds overly dramatic… but really, when you think about it… it’s not.

So, I guess all that to say: O, we must be more purposeful in the training up of our children, more decisive in choosing what is best, more diligent in teaching and demonstrating faith in the LORD, more determined to live in obedience to God’s Word and unwavering in our resolve to be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks the reason of the hope that is within us.  We must be more resolute to give respect to our husbands, and to be sweet and loving in our homes.  Our homes must stand as beacons of light and truth—-love and joy in the LORD.  This necessarily means being aware of the dogs… being aware of the wolves that lurk about—the enemy: that  roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.  These are all very real—all very necessary to see and understand.

Please pardon me for what seems to have been a bit of over attention to societal reflections and reactions — I would adjure everyone—husbands, fathers, wives, mothers, young people… be aware of what’s going on around us.  This is not to say to be familiar with evil, but to be aware.  Pay attention to the signs of the times. Unmask the ploys of the enemy.  Very simple lies have become truths to Christians—the slow and calculated indoctrination of lies have weakened and drawn away many.   Be aware of what’s going on in society.  Be aware of what’s on your computer—really—check the history, be aware of where the clicks have taken the computer users in your home.  Get the kids *off* “My-Space” and guard their time and conversations, friends and activities.  Be aware of the subtle influence of “sensitivity training,”  “diversity,” “sexual-orientation,” and a myriad of other phrases, concepts and liberal-speak.  I do not say this meanly, spitefully, or in anger.  I am saying all of this in an attempt to bring awareness of the tidal wave that is carrying away the church… and the church is getting carried away in its attempt to be all things to all people in all places.

I’ll get to talking about other stuff…  and there really are lots of other things going on.  Lots of other things.  I know, I know… I’m really overboard sometimes—passionate to a fault!

So a bit of family musing this morning… as I was kissed and hugged awake by a little sunshine earlier this morning.

Our family sort of seems to have come in “sets” of children.  First, we had our “trainer set” and then a foursome and then a trio and then a pair in the last of the “sets.”   So, the Trainer Set grew up, moved on and now have homes of their own.  The foursome—still asleep as I type this, are lively, busy, interesting and are each on the brink of the vast expanse of “the first day of the rest of their lives” as they, each one, prepare for what the LORD has for them.  The third set, the ‘trio,’ is also still sleeping yet this morning—having stayed up late to watch videos last night.  (Friday nights are the only nights we watch videos or movies, here)

This brings me to the sunshine and flowers… that’s what Andrew and Amelia are to me.  Though they are two years apart, they’re essentially the same age in terms of skill, interest and verbal ability.  Though their specific activities are not always similar, they always play together—or at least in proximity if their actual choice of activity/toy/game/etc. is different.  They’re in no hurry to not be little… thoroughly delighting in the softer things of life… fuzzy blankets, teddy bears, sippy cups, Blue’s Clues, stringing beads, shaping play-doh, making cards for everyone and colouring pictures for the fridge… they love bubble baths, quilts and story books.   They are the sunshine and flowers of my life… and I suppose, if this is so, the others are the fragrance and music and my husband is my inspiration.

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