March 2004

March 31, 2004    Another month… another calendar page to flip over—revealing 9 months left in this year.  Now the year’s full speed ahead and it’ll pass us by before we know it!  Snow pictures tomorrow!

In the current climate of judicial tyranny and anarchy, they’re back in court again—this time to challenge the ban on Partial Birth Abortion.  It’s grievous that babies are being slaughtered by the millions but to be concerned that language or descriptive terms would add emotion to the cases is repulsive to me.  This, from WND: “In the New York trial, plaintiffs’ attorney A. Stephen Hut Jr. warned U.S. District Judge Richard C. Casey that graphic descriptions of partial birth abortion might add “an element of emotion,” reported AP. “It is the nature of this procedure itself that gives discomfort,” countered Assistant U.S. Attorney Sean H. Lane.” Ack!  It’s not reprehensible that millions of babies are being destroyed, it’s the procedure that gives discomfort?!?  The enormous avalanche of sin.  How dark will be that outer darkness!

This atrocity is more poignant to me today as I recall just yesterday seeing an hours old baby in the arms of her mother and the precious opportunity of life.  Abortion is surely no reproductive right!  A reproductive right, I suppose, is to say: yes or no.  Killing babies is no right.  It’ll be old people next, then disabled’s… then unproductive’s… it’s already happened to “undesirable races.”   The enormous-enormous avalanche of sin.  How vast will be that outer darkness!

Over the last week there’s been such a troubling situation in a neighbouring city.  The ordeal started with a cross burning on the lawn of the home of a local pastor who happens to be a black man, whose son was the “target.”  Jason Martin, pastor of the Jesus is Lord Life Tabernacle in Marysville, has remained forbearing and forgiving throughout the whole situation.  I share this because yet another angle of society that is targeted—not because of their choices, but because of who they are—big difference.  Area pastors and congregations rallied around this family in support to demonstrate solidarity.  This pastor’s attitude has been gracious toward the two young people who committed the offense—and he’s planning on seeing them.  They’ve apparently requested to speak to Pastor Martin to apologize in person, an opportunity that may present itself to them in the future, only it’ll likely not be as simple as they’d like.  Pretty good call by the judge in the case who’s not allowing home detention but sent them to Denney Juvenile Justice Center.  Though they said they were just bored and it was just a prank… that the cross burning “was just a spur-of-the-moment” event, according to court documents. “It was just a prank. We didn’t do it because we hated this kid.”  Hate crimes aren’t just spur of the moment deals and they’re not just pranks.  Especially not when that home had been targeted the previous week.  The real hope here is that the young men will repent and turn from their ways and yield to the LORD.  There’s something to be said of their trip to the Police dept. and voluntarily turning themselves in.

March 30, 2004  We praise the LORD for His mercy and grace, His loving protection and direction for our friends who’ve been blessed with their twelfth child born at home early this morning. There was a complication with the mother which necessitated a speedy trip to the hospital and a short stay there.  What a gift each of the children, the midwife and friends were in their ability to work together, to help one another, to each take charge of specific needs that enabled everything to be handled so smoothly.  The LORD surely met them in their time of need and we so pray that He’ll continue to provide and direct them and that in all this, He will be glorified!  It sure was hard to come home and go to bed this morning after spending some time at the hospital… I just continued to pray the LORD’s will be done.   With thoughts of that little newborn in the arms of her daddy, sweetly nestled in a large blanket, I smiled and drifted off to sleep.

New e-postcards from Karla Dornacher… so sweet and such a delight to receive!  It was a nice treasure to wake this morning and find one in the ‘inbox’ waiting for me!  Some artist’s proliferation of merchandise seems so contrived—but (to me) this artist really has a knack for choosing venues that are appealing.  I put her link up yesterday on the e-cards page before the (operator error) glitches.

Well, instead of blogging  last night as is my usual custom, I botched many pages, thus, you see the blank site index page… you can think of it as my blank stare, the sort of vacant look you receive in reply to your question: who made this mess?  So, it’s one of those love/hate times with the computer.  ‘Seems I inadvertently deleted data and then saved the page,  which in turn saved that blunder on every page… and let me just say not a few pages reflect this little error!   So we sure had a wonderful time away this past weekend.  What an incredible thing it was to be stomping around in 7 feet of snow in the mountains on Sunday… sledding and hiking, and then to have the brilliant sunshine and warm weather here on Monday!  We stayed at Hope Lodge—what an amazing story behind the construction and purpose of that lodge!  Some of our children look like they were in a war! It seems nothing could deter them from sledding down the slope and running back up again!  The flood lights allowed for late night sledding and the early morning sun beckoned them at about 5:40 Yep… that’s what I was thinking: Whaaaat?  It’s morning already?!?  They worked up a healthy appetite before breakfast.  I’ll put up some pics—later.

March 29, 2004  It’s a spectacularly bright and warm day—will blog when the sun goes down as it’s just too beautiful to stay inside today!

March 28, 2004  Happy birthday to my dear mother-in-law today!

March 27, 2004  You can read a cool new blog—World magazine’s website has a bloggreat news each day for you!

I believe this has been my favourite birthday—How grateful I am to and for my family—my precious family!  Surely the LORD has blessed me over and over again.  What a privilege it was to join others at the memorial service of cousin Kathryn Lindstöm.   Such a blessing it was to hear of God’s ways in her life, to hear testimonies of her influence on other’s lives and to see pictures and to sing and hear meaningful songs.  One of the passages read was from Ecclesiastes 7—It was especially meaningful to me as the LORD has been speaking to my heart about living in *this* season of life and living *in* and not *beyond* the moment.  We were encouraged to take from Kathryn’s life and live out those qualities which we most admired in her.  She loved the LORD and now beholds His face, she had unshakeable faith—she was, as was shared: a woman of stunning beauty and grace.   So, on my birthday, it was a very sweet privilege to go into the house of mourning, to join others in the celebration of her life and to hear the compelling challenge to live today very well.  This, from Ecclesiastes 7: “1 A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one’s birth. 2 It is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting: for that is the end of all men; and the living will lay it to his heart. 3 Sorrow is better than laughter: for by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better. 4 The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning; but the heart of fools is in the house of mirth.” 

A celebration with friends
and my family.

…singing “happy birthday”

I thought it was hysterical that
Andrew blew out my candles!

one of my great gifts
and great joys!

a very special “tea”

lollipops at the tea

March 26, 2004    I thank the LORD for this day, for this season and for His marvelous ways, and I thank Him for His blessing—for my mom and my late dad.  What a joy to continue celebrating my birthday with family and friends.  My sweet Kathryn made pies for my birthday—lemon meringue, chocolate cream and peanut butter-chocolate, pies.  Incredible!  I received a new Starbucks mug—and if you’ve seen them, you know they’re wonderful and large!  Also… a left-handed wooden spoon!  If you’re right-handed, you probably never considered that most every tool that is shaped is designed to be used in the right hand—therefore, the curve of the spoon is wrong for left handers who need things that are are right for lefties.~wink~   Think of all the things that are formed for the right hand—that mouse in your right hand, for example, or how about scissors or the position of the refrigerator’s cold and freezer sections—they’re always backwards.  There are many other things…

This will be a bittersweet day as our family gathers to say farewell for now to our dear cousin, Kathryn MacKerron Lindstöm, at a service of celebration of her life.  We’ll miss her sweet ways, her cheerful outlook and sunny disposition and cute hats.  We’ll always be grateful for what she taught us and how she loved life and made everyone feel special.

My Kathryn has made some not-so-secret plans for a party here in the evening after the service, and she’s planned some things with our daughter-in-law and my mom… so I am anxious for that.  All this is what I meant by bittersweet:  saying good-bye, celebrating with my family and rejoicing over a new life in our daughter-in-law.  All God’s ways are good.

March 25, 2004    I sure appreciate all the gracious letters I’ve received and the kind and encouraging words concerning this blog.  I so understand the need for encouragement and companionship in the home and that many women have very little support in their lives—so what a blessing it is to me to be able to share in this way.  I pray for the continued ability to do so and for wisdom to share.

It’s been a beautiful day with my mom today—a delicious lunch and some shopping for my not yet birthday!  Yes, I am really stretching this one out!  We reminisced days gone by, the happenings with the children and grandchildren and she shared with me hopeful things about being older.  She knows I am grieving the passing of a life-season and the entering a new season.  She bought me a beautiful white teapot and a tea-strainer for teacups.  We tasted some different coffees which were yummy!  There’s a joke around here sometimes that I oughtta just have a coffee-IV inserted—but it’s not for that, really,  I just love the taste of hot coffee with lots of cream—(and, uh… chocolate).  One of my favourites is  Millstone’s Chocolate Swiss-almond coffee.  Any mocha or latté is fine with me, too—but I really need to wait on having these!  I also have a favourite mug—it’s the perfect blue.  People who like navy and white stuff know what I mean about finding the perfect “blue”—and the just right cup is important, too! 

I have a wonderful new gift this birthday!  The LORD is blessing again—another grandchild is on the way!  I think our son was a bit dismayed to have to answer our questions… because he wasn’t sure it was time to divulge the news… but we, never ones to remain quiet on a hunch, just *had* to ask if a new baby was on the way—his stammering for an answer was just the perfect answer for us!  So… around election time, we anticipate our third grandchild.

I fondly remember looking over calendars probably hundreds of times to calculate and recalculate birthdates, due dates and weeks till babies would be born.  It was common for me to make dots and circles as I counted weeks… forty weeks from this date or 3 months less plus ten days from this date and so on.  I really should’ve bought a little wheel that my midwife used! Well, here’s a neat interactive tool on Ruth’s site that’ll calculate dates in an instant!

March 24, 2004    I’m smiling as I type this thinking that only my mom would notice that the colours of a double rainbow are opposite.  I know–if you’re like me you were thinking r-o-y-g-b-v… then v-b-g-y-o-r??  (Scroll down) and so… I’m thinking there must be some studied explanation for this… ‘will have to do some reading on this later on.

A friend and her daughters are taking my daughters and me out to a tea lunch today.  This is the first of my birthday celebrations—which I’m so happy to begin this way—even though today is not my birthday!  The months leading up to this birthday have felt heavy as I’ve grieved the passing of youth.  I suppose I’ll one day look back on these days and see that *these* were youthful days.  The things I’ll never be able to do again make me sad—things particular to younger women; and I so wish I’d had a better understanding to savour the moments of the years gone by.   But ‘am seeing that I’m becoming a part of a group in which I couldn’t participate or even understand when I was a younger woman; things particular to grandmothers, mothers-in-law and gray-haired ladies with calloused knees and lined faces, women who’ve both laughed and sorrowed a lot and have learned the hard way to trust and obey.  Anyway, I’ll take more pics as I’m realizing more and more the need to treasure these moments.  One of “life-lessons” I’m struggling to learn lately is to live—really live in the moments and not live over the moments.  Because of loading up the schedule all the time over the years, events, birthdays, responsibilities, etc. have been too often handled in a ‘checklist’ manner—especially if there were several things to do in a few days’ time—such that some occasions have been sort of stepping stones to the next—though each was significant—and I missed them, looking to the next.

No cool links today… and I’m deciding on purpose not to peruse the news or newsletters or congressional “alerts.”  Maybe tomorrow—but maybe not.  Though, a news junkie can’t leave it alone for many days—or hours.  I do have some book reviews and new sites to highlight—so more later on those.

March 23, 2004  Our Kathryn made the cutest cookies yesterday… she used my butter cookie recipe, prepared and shaped into little feet onto which she piped little toes and squiggles with thin white icing.  Some of the feet looked like there were little screws in them or incisions. (You’d have to know about the surgery to get it!—and they didn’t look bad!)  Anyway, we took them, some pictures and cards of thanks to her doctor.  I intend to remember him every Spring as the anniversary of her first surgery and to give thanks for the gift the LORD gave her through him.  I wanted him to have a pic and copy of Glenys’s poem and a pic of her with him last year.

Here are the cookies!

A spectacular double rainbow here monday afternoon!

I received this quote this morning from This Day’s Thought:
Righteousness as exemplified by Christ is not merely
the absence of vice or the presence of virtue.
It is a consuming passion for God
which sends you forth in His name to establish His Kingdom.
 —Irving Johnson

As this day began, we were mindful that our cousin, Bjorn, was facing this day alone… had gone to bed and had gotten up alone… and while we know that he’d tried to be prepared for what seemed to be the inevitable: his wife Kathryn’s passing, we know it’s so difficult to walk these next steps.  We do praise the LORD for His Hand in their lives and the testimony of cousin Kathryn’s life—she’d been living with cancer that required much of her over many years and yet, through the course of all these years, Christ was glorified and lifted up and her life was a testimony to the grace of God.  We thank you, LORD, for cousin Kathryn.

We just received the call saying that our precious cousin
~ Kathryn Lindstrom ~
has gone to be with the LORD; following many years of living with Cancer. What a blessing her life has been to countless many.   May the LORD be glorified.

She taught us a lot about really living… and now about dying.
How grateful we are to have just had a dinner gathering of the cousins here on Friday evening and had just had good fellowship together.  I took note at the time that everyone was giving and receiving genuinely loving hugs good-bye…  Cousin Kathryn was such a lovely woman who loved the LORD and now sees Him face to face…. no more pain, no more weakness—only JOY.

March 22, 2004

Ahhh Springtime—Welcome Springtime! What a blessing to look out, to look ahead and to get this year’s gardens underway!  I suppose the gardens have been underway for some time now—with all the clearing, pruning and tilling that’s being done.  I don’t like to start the seedlings too soon as they just shiver in the chilly ground when set too soon!  The rose bushes are coming along and the bulbs are blooming: the daffodils tipping their cups to Spring and the hyacinths making their fragrant debut.
The landscape in most Northwest gardens does not naturally look very beautiful for several months of the year and yet, it seems to me, there’s no comparison anywhere to the beauty of Spring and Summer in the Northwest!  I can never get over the colour of Spring… the brilliance of the greens and the exquisite bushes and flowers and on sunny days: the bluest skies.

The national news is not so beautiful and the international news is even worse!  Hamas vow to retaliate not only on Israel, but on the US as well.  On the homefront: In the news, a headline reads, Gay Marriages present pastors with a dilemma—I would think that WAY before this, the Bible presents them a greater dilemma!

March 20, 2004   You want to have a good time? Spend more time with your family…  Get out your shoeboxes of pictures—(O, does that surprise you?  Pictures in shoeboxes?)  Well, you know, it’s people like me who give inspiration and the creative impetus to scrap-booking companies!  ‘Sides,  if people like me didn’t need shoeboxes for pictures, do you think we’d need to buy as many shoes?  I know… you’re shaking your head—pamela, get off the becuter and get your pics in albums where, because of acidfree paper and ink, they’d be preserved for many generations!  I know what’s really going to happen: in a couple of decades… who are these people!?  (becuter is ami’s word for computer)

It’s so beautiful outside this morning—the kind of day that inspires the writing of worship songs and all to praise the LORD for the magnificent beauty of the earth.  Ahhhh Springtime!  The leaves that have been hidden in the  branches of the giant weeping willow beside our home are, it seems, exploding—and what’s been a giant upside-down tan string-mop for several months is now the most brilliant green fountain of Spring!  It’s ringed by daffodils and jonquils—some we’ve added, some’ve been there many many years.   I think one of my greatest joys this spring is to see the life and growth in a couple of old rose bushes I dug up from Dad & Mom’s ranch the day before the heavy equipment demolished the old barn and leveled the orchard and rest of the land.  There beside the old barn were a couple of old rose bushes that seemed neither alive nor dead.  The leaves were present but dry and yet, there seemed (to me) to be hope for the salvaging of those bushes, so, I dug them up!  Now that I look back, I recall that’s what I was doing when I fell backward off the branch and onto my ‘backside.’  That little fall gave me reason to stand up most all the time for months!  I still cannot sit comfortably in my dear rocking chair—the cushioned seat just presses wrong… and many of you know what I mean as you’ve shared your coccyx injury stories!  So, today as I see those sweet old rose bushes, I look back on the many years and happy memories of the ranch.  Bittersweet memories now.

More reasons to HOMESCHOOL children and to be totally guarded about their reading of “children’s books!”  It’s bad enough that history or geography books seem to all begin: “millions of years ago…” or “billions of years ago…” but now we have other subtle indoctrinations surfacing: the homosexual agenda—the fierce and mighty machine of the enemy continues the barrage against the Creator and LORD of the Universe.  You can read about the story book for children, King and King.  The enemy flaunts himself against God throughout history—reading in Exodus yesterday, I saw again the subtlety of the enemy in Moses’ reluctance to obey God and then in Matthew, the temptations he presented Christ—and all through history the attempts to thwart or undermine God’s creation.  We see it everywhere from the current issue: homosexuality: a total mangling of God’s design, to others: feminism, abortion, birth-control (yes! I do hold to this strong conviction that birth-control is not right—I know, I know there are a million reasons why people use birth-control or break, working things—), revisionist history, evolution (except, this: a messy home *will* evolve into a messier home!), the proliferation of cults and the occult, religions that do not have the Word of God as its guide and headed by Jesus Christ as LORD, Saviour, Creator and King; and a host of other not so surprising things—we see in the Bible that all these things that are happening were foretold by God in His Word.   If we believe the Bible, then even what culture *demands* be accepted, cannot be condoned—if we believe the Bible—and we do.

Voices matter… you can make a difference!  The Broadcast Decency Act of 2004 – S.2056  This is what’s happening…  the FCC is taking action—the FCC on Thursday reversed their decision allowing stations to use the “f” word.  Now, to many, the use of this or other profane words is freedom of speech!  Vulgar speech is unbecoming to any people. I smile as I recall my mama saying that people use vulgar speech because they’re ignorant and do not have a command of the English language (I think she was teaching me to be careful in speech—but as always, ended up teaching me a whole lot more!)  ~wink~   So… all these years, when I hear someone spouting off crude words, I have this notion (along with a picture of worms coming out of their mouth) that whatever they’re saying is not credible because if they first do not have a command of the language, how can whatever they’re trying to convey have any merit!?!

March 19, 2004 
Today marks the one year anniversary of Kathryn’s first foot surgery.  Sure was a long road and one that she traveled with such grace.  We’re continually grateful to the LORD for His provision, His care, and mercy in her life—this is just one of many ways His hand is evidenced.  Many years she walked with pain and other trials associated with the condition of her feet and then, with God in His love for her, a provision was made for her to have the four surgeries to correct her feet.  It was a major undertaking as people who’ve experienced this can attest.  Many have encouraged her along the way—and Kathryn has blessed us in countless ways.  One of the gifts I’ve shared in the past was a poem written by a woman on the other side of the world from us—what a blessing to have Glenys share in this way—Beautiful Feet.    The picture behind the poem is part of an x-ray taken one year ago and then 2 months later when her cast was removed.  Since then, the pins and screws have been removed and the bones reshaped.  It has really been an incredible thing to see the transformation and her delight in what God’s done! 

Samuel’s getting pretty good at helping Wes by cutting brick coping!

good job!

Here’s a neat deal—a local Google search! I hadn’t seen this before! We use the net for lots of things… Google is really a helpful tool and is a safe way to search and especially if you have a site name you’re wanting to look up but can’t remember if it’s .net or .org or .com or whatever; it’s sure better to look it up on Google [or your favourite search engine] than to risk (foolish!) guessing and seeing what you should never have seen!

March 18, 2004   As I type, my eyes are filled with tears and swirling in my thoughts are the words of a precious letter I just received from a missionary in Poland which gave me a glimpse of *why* the LORD led me to begin and continue daily writing a weblog—why I’m vulnerable and risk sharing.   You see, I don’t write because of any unique talent or ability, and surely not with the skill of an accomplished author or writer or because my life is so overflowing with abundance and riches or because of the profundity of my thoughts… no:  It’s all the LORD.  I blog because as I walk with the LORD, He shows different things in His Word, in prayer and through other believers: His ways—and I share them.  I blog because this is the opportunity He has provided me to give help and hope and friendship to believers around the world, some who have little or no fellowship with other believers, little or no encouragement for motherhood and obedience to God’s Word, little or no hope to be in submission to their husbands or for being a keeper at home.  I share with homemakers things that have helped me in our home, in mothering and homeschooling.  I share slices of life around our home and in our family to, hopefully, offer encouragement—not because there’s anything in particular worthy of boasting—save, only Jesus and His work—but because we’re just an ordinary family who loves the LORD and we serve Him with the desire to be a sweet offering to Him and a blessing to others.   We’re not wealthy by American standards, but we are so humbled by the understanding that the LORD has literally drenched us with blessings; it takes my breath away—His mercy.  We don’t take the gift of children lightly, or of health lightly, nor of hearing, nor walking, nor any other ability at all—for we know it’s all God’s and it’s all God.

Passionate writing, no strong opinions here—mistakes and all, rants & raves, typo’s and grammatical errors—it’s just me with the Welcome Home blog for you.

It’s mind boggling that the LORD would have *us* to live in such perilous days!  To think that we and our children would, of all possible days in His-story, live in these days!   These days of immoral relationships, and all the chaos in the news—incredible, to think that we are living in these days! Of one thing we can be certain, these days are not surprising to God.  I’m adding the text from Romans today to show the ways of man before the Living God.
Romans 1
18   For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;
19   Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.
20   For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
21   Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
22   Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
23   And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.
24   Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
25   Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
26   For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
27   And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
28   And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;
29   Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
30   Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,
31   Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:
32   Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

Here’s a great site in the making:  Laurie: the founder of Future Christian Homemakers has written: “For the past 7 years I have been teaching girls in my home how to cook, sew, keep house and become Godly homemakers…My fervent prayer is that no girl will grow up without the skills she needs to be a successful homemaker!”  That’s a worthy endeavor!

You may have read and remember “Through Gates of Splendor,” the story of the 5 men who were speared to death in 1956 by the “Aucas”? This is the most famous mission’s story of the past 50 years and Jim Elliot is, of the five, probably the most well known.  Two new movies are being prepared about this story. This includes how God has changed those in this tribe. They’re called “Aucas” by the outside world, but they are the “Waorani” people. “BEYOND THE GATES” is the name of the Documentary film. “WALK HIS TRAIL” is a drama telling the story of one of the killers who becomes “grandfather” to the grandchildren of one of the the men he killed 48 years ago!  Steve Saint, son of missionary martyr, Nate Saint,  has become “family” to the tribe who killed his father. There’s a web page about the Waorani movies:  and the web page about the work and ministry of Steve Saint:

March 17, 2004

  Top ‘o the Mornin’ to ya and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!
Are you wearin’ the green today?  Are you having corned beef and cabbage for dinner?  How about lamb stew and Irish soda bread?  These are traditional foods served in Ireland.  Funny, Saint Patrick wasn’t even Irish and he surely was never Catholic as some might think, but truly a born again believer, a Christian who preached salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.   He preached against idolatry and superstition—things for which the Irish are famous.  There is no such thing as luck—good or bad, but the enemy sure attempts to persuade otherwise.

More in the News:  Save Marriage, preserve society; preserve marriage, save society.  A strong marriages is the backbone of the family and therefore, society in general.  Some interesting articles at the Family Research Council  site.  There are incredible advances or at least a there’s a whole bunch of noise coming from a relatively small percentage of society.  Problem is, they’re a very boisterous, organized, and well financed group.  All of these factors make it seem an impossible force to overcome. 

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, has written a great article: Preserving Marriage, Saving Society.    Oh, how I pray folks will heed the wake-up call — get up and out of the bed of complacency regarding marriage, the home, and the family!  The broad scope of the activists agenda has far reaching effects and deadly consequences.  I often wonder how much devastation it will take to startle liberal minds to acknowledge the lies.  Even so, Come Lord Jesus.

March 16, 2004  The sting of the words: “Convicted felon Martha Stewart…”  gripped me as I read of her resignation and new title: “founding editorial director”  of the “empire” she built over the last couple of decades.  Not missing a beat to keep a good thing (no pun intended) going, the company continues to reface the corporation.  It’s likely that coffee tables may soon reflect the change with Everyday Living magazines as fans stash the Martha Stewart Living mags for rainy day reading and nostalgia.  Everyday Living is an easy transition as MSO already puts out Everyday Food.  The Everyday Living mag would have that appeal even sans Martha Stewart because of the phenomenal infrastructure of the company, the proven format and style—the appeal she’s had transcends the spectrum.  The beleaguered Kmart’s got its work cut out for them on this one!

It’s always a blessing to share home industries and a couple that I’m so pleased to see doing so well are Hopechest Legacy  and Simply Graceful.  The Hopechest Legacy really opened my eyes to the complexity of what a Hopechest really is and what an heirloom it really can become for a woman.  It’s so much more than just a box to put stuff in—it really is a legacy, and the more I’ve been considering these for our daughters, the more I see them as a hope for the future with treasures from the past.  I so recommend Rebekah’s book (for mothers of daughters *and* sons!) and others she recommends on her site.  Then, the Simply Graceful site continues to expand and bless others with expanded product lines.  More on these another time.

March 15, 2004   Received this link today… Hollywood Rethinking Faith Films After ’Passion’.  I think “Hollywood” is trying to understand what’s going on here… and what’s going on here isn’t the power of Hollywood; it’s not the power of “big name” actors—it’s not any of that at all and I don’t think it’s even the power of film, either.   It *is* the power of The Name… the Name above all Names.  It’s that, and hundreds of thousands have flocked to see on film what they’ve put their hope in!  Out of curiosity, they’ve allowed themselves to “violate” convictions that normally preclude the viewing of r rated films and for many, that’s in addition to setting aside their “non-ecumenical” convictions to see the film.  Add all that to the sensational advertising, sheer curiosity and peer-pressure to see the film and then, blend all that with the understanding that it’s the Greatest Story ever told, and you’ve got a runaway success.  Problem is, Hollywood thinks Hollywood determines the scope and direction of society and no matter how things seem… it doesn’t.  Hollywood’s a facade on which plastic empires have been built and when a movie like this comes along, Hollywood has to look in the mirror and it sees no reflection.

Activists are mowing down some long held arguments and platitudes—it’s past critical time for Christians to so live that the Word of God be not blasphemed.  Here’s an interesting commentary on marriage:  Marriage Fight A Battle For Our Kids.

Another incredible story… what a convoluted legal system—ours!  A woman charged with murder for allegedly refusing to have a c-section—and yet(!) had that same woman opted to exercise her “reproductive health” option and had an abortion, *that* would perhaps have been defended as her “right!”  It’s said that “Rowland acted with depraved indifference to human life.”  But abortion—now, isn’t that depraved disregard for human life?!?!    Well, so, I’m incredulous over this—considering the large segment of society’s thinking on life and so-called “reproductive health.”  So, on this deal, I’m not taking into account the other angles of the charge against this woman—I’m only referencing this recent charge.  Sure, the prior incident and conviction of child-endangerment, her mental state and apparent drug use factors into this, but my concern is with a grossly flawed and  legal system.   I’m so sorry for the little baby who died as a result of this mother’s neglect and her ignorance; sorry, too, for a society that disregards human life and the LORD, our Creator.  Support the Unborn Victims of Violence Act.  Some members of Congress oppose this legislation, as they claim that abortion rights will dissolve by establishing legal rights for the preborn.  If babies in the womb are recognized as ‘living human beings’  Some lawmakers are purportedly writing an amendment to the Act that would recognize only one victim: the mother.  But then, what about the unborn victim? If you’ve got an Unborn Victims… Act and you remove the victim…     yes… I’m shaking my head.

What a blessed day we had yesterday — a day of worship, fellowship around the Word, and celebrating Timothy’s birthday!   We’re again mindful of the great gift and blessing of the LORD in Timothy.  How grateful we are and have been for this dear son.

So… not much time for blogging today—It’s a clean-up day and we’ve gotta run to the library, dontchaknow!

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Too tired… a long, fun day!

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March 13-14 2004

~ Happy 16th Birthday, Timothy! ~

my buddy &  exercise partner!


“How often do we attempt work for God to the limit of our incompetency rather than to the limit of God’s omnipotency.”
~ J. Hudson Taylor

“I like my tea as I like my religion – Hot, very Hot!”
~William Booth, Founder of the Salvation Army

“All roads lead to the judgment seat of Christ.”
~ Keith Green

“You find no difficulty in trusting the Lord with the management of the universe and all the outward creation, and can your case be any more difficult than these, that you need to be anxious about His management of it?”
~ Hannah Whitall Smith

March 12, 2004 Well, it must be springtime!   With just less than a month before the Mariner’s home-opener, we listened a little bit to our first baseball pre-season game on the radio yesterday afternoon.  Now, I’m not a Mariner fan, but I *am* a fan of boys who love to listen to baseball!  The games plays out in that loud and wild and exciting stadium of their minds as they listen to Dave Niehaus screaming “My Oh MY!”

Yes, This is Timothy in the bathtub he put in the garden and intends to fill with lilies and fish.

There, in the next pic, is Ami and Andrew standing in the tub. Never a dull moment around here. 

We celebrate Timothy’s 16th birthday this weekend.  What an amazing blessing he is and has been to and for our family.  I marvel at the person he is and the man he’s becoming.  There is no job he will not tackle, no load he will not carry and no task he refuses.  His heart is set to obey–I do not say this arrogantly, or naively, but actually, with a very humbled heart, I say this candidly.  You see, I’ve seen other roads with different children I’ve known and I do praise the LORD for this one, in particular.  Wes and I are very grateful to God for the gift of Timothy.  As he was born, his cord, with a complete knot, was around his neck a couple of times, and the doctor exclaimed with amazement: “You are sooooo lucky!” to which I replied, “No, I am so blessed!”  I knew there was a little problem and had that knot been tighter, Timothy would not have lived—I knew it was of the LORD.  This boy was and is a gift: I knew it then and I know it better, now.  I know that it was God who brought that child early and quickly.  I know it was God who protected that knot from tightening as it had to have been that way for months.   I know it was God who gave him this tender heart and fervor for the Word and things of the LORD.  I know it is God who inspires him and blesses us.  So… as I see the daffodils saluting Spring, I see the golden haired baby with the sweetest face.  It was just yesterday… I’m pretty sure.

This, from the American Family Association:
Put an end to federal judicial activism that threatens our religious liberties. Support the Religious Liberties Restoration Act.
Sign a petition showing your support for a federal marriage amendment which protects marriage as between one man and one woman.
Looking for news from a Christian perspective? Try free daily e-mail news updates from AgapePress. or
Fighting for a moral future for our children.

Pray the LORD will work in this situation. alliancedefensefundThe Same-Sex “Marriage” Juggernaut in San Francisco (and Oregon) is Ordered to Halt!”

March 11, 2004 Yesterday afternoon Kathryn made some *delicious* cookies for our neighbours—but wasn’t home to deliver them herself, so imagine her delight in discovering later last night that when her sister and brother took the cookies over, they saw that it was his birthday and his girlfriend, Elaine, said the cookies would add to the surprise of his party!  Now… this situation, as many others in our lives, is an opportunity to share the love of God and to be a blessing to others because of Him.  My husband has encouraged us many times to seek ways to do this sort of thing and so we look for opportunities and listen for ways we can bless others.  The LORD is so good and so faithful—how can we do anything but seek ways to demonstrate our gratefulness to and for Him?

How gracious is the LORD to provided the books I’ve just received!  How just a little reading in them so far has rekindled my fervor to guide my children in our home.  Now, she didn’t know how much I needed this spark in home-keeping and training the children, but Barbara Curtis sent me some of her books this week and I want to share with you over the weeks ahead some highlights from her books.  Practical, practical, practical—that’s what I love!  The one that really has my attention at the moment is Ready, Set, Read!  I’m afraid that the book: Lord, Please Meet Me In The Laundry Room, will hit too close to home… but I’ll get to it—after I get another load or two done.  By the way—I do think there’s a real blessing having the laundry *in* the kitchen—there’s no way to “let it go” —it must stay done every day!  So, back to the “Reading” book; I have lately  neglected the careful early reading skills—too often in the last five years, I’ve done the most expedient thing (which really  isn’t expedient at all) at the moment instead of careful, measured teaching on purpose day by day—at the younger ages!  I’ve been reading to the children but I’ve not bee requiring from them the same things I required of the olders and so… they don’t read as well or at the very young age that the older children did.  However, the older children didn’t get my ‘play-time’ attention that the youngers are getting because of my 20/20 hindsight that knows how much is lost or how quickly time goes by.  In the end… I pray the LORD will order up every attempt at serving Him through child training and well loved children—to His glory.  They’re all sweet to me—tallest to smallest.

Ah… society!  How grievous to watch the decline… and yet to consider that God, who is rich in mercy, allows things that are evil, allows the consequences of sin, and yet works through all the devastation for His glory.   People mock God everywhere, everyday.  But the ekklesia, the called out ones, the church, is to obey Him, to seek His face and to worship Him—but is the ‘church’ sleeping? Is it too busy finding ways to entertain itself and the would-be attendees of local institutional churches?    Opportunities are given everyday for people to hear the good news of the gospel and to respond and repent of sin—for sin separates man from God eternally and faith in the Lord Jesus brings to that repentant believer: life everlasting.  We pray now, more than ever that people who refuse God, people who fear giving up their independence, would turn to God—and would accept the call—for we know, as Jim Elliot so aptly said, that “He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”   Fools rage against God—but Jesus has paid the price for fools—for us even when we were dead in trespasses and sins—the Word says, “But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us, Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;) And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus: That in the ages to come he might show the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus. For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.”  Ephesians 2.4-9

O, how I pray for Christians to heed the wake up call — for the day is far spent!  We are careening down the steep slope to destruction as a nation.  When sin, injustice and immorality reign, and when man perverts the Word of God and evil abounds, then the nation is corrupt and condemned and cannot survive.  The Word says that “Righteousness exalteth a nation; but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Proverbs 14.34) 

Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

When a United Methodist “pastor” would become a “chaplain” for Planned Parenthood, and men and women would pervert God’s design with their unbounded lust and pride, when fathers would leave their families for the pleasure of sin for a season, when pornography and gambling are eating up the resources of homes, when mothers kill their own children—innocent babies who then have no protector, when girls will sell their bodies, and women dress as harlots, and when evil is exalted everywhere, the stench is deathly sickening—there is no hope but hope in the LORD, for only the Creator of the universe—-the Creator of everything in it has power to undo the hideousness of what sin has wrought.   O, I pray the LORD will be merciful and save this nation—not for the nation’s sake—but for the lost souls in it.  I saw a bumper sticker:  Can God Bless America?

So, this chaplain of Planned Parenthood [what a sick oxymoron of a name—when you know abortion is anything but planned parenthood.  Heaven hears those cries.  Do we?]  is supposedly there to provide “spiritual insight and guidance to the reproductive health movement.”  Now, if abortion is anything but planned parenthood, then surely murdering children is not reproductive health!
So, as for the United Methodist Church—it’s gotta make you wonder who is their god.  

I can see why the LORD would say that judgment must first begin at the household of faith.  1Peter 4.17 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

 I received a nice letter from the folks at—I’d mentioned them the other day.  their prices are very low and I think you’ll like the variety of boards.  They’ve got a great “classroom” package deal… now, we don’t have *that* many students—we never made it to 30 children.  And, remember…. about women not having children after 35—35 children is enough for any woman!     After taking more time looking through the site, I noticed a link for magnetic boards and supplies, which are also extremely helpful—not just in homekeeping, or homeschooling, but for business as well. So here you go… another product to help you at home or in business. It’s ; They offer custom printed dry-erase boards at modest prices–now, modest prices is usually code for: you’ll get over the sticker shock when you see how nice the product is!  But in this case, I think the pricing the quote really is fair.

March 10, 2004   A beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest—both sunny and foggy, beautiful and chilly!    (Got a pic I’ll put up later on!  It’s great!)

I read of David’s absolute anguish over those that would turn their backs on God, those that would flaunt their vile deceptions and yet with all his sorrowing over sin, he fully recognizes that it is God who carries him and it is to Him that vengeance belongs.  So then, here with all this beauty and the admonition I’m mulling over these days: to lead a quiet life, etc., etc., and considering the fact that I know and trust that everything is in the Hand of the LORD—all the weights of the bag are His and He holds the world and all life in the balance… even knowing and being fully persuaded by these things… Why stand up against any ‘alternative’ to marriage and why engage in battle against so-called “gay-marriage” and other atrocities?  Why? Because of all this.  Because of the grim consequences of such unions and for the sake and future of our nation.  Pete Winn interviewed Dr. Alan Keyes on this matter and his answers were wise and thought provoking.  My continued course will be to encourage and admonish believers to stand strong and finish well, to guard their marriage and guide their homes well, to stand against evil and promote good. These days are incredible days—as our society is deteriorating, it will not survive on its current course.  Our society has already eroded to the point of *seeming* no return and no remedy—save a miraculous Spiritual reformation—save a miraculous work of the LORD.  In countries where homosuality is widely accepted, marriage is virtually unheard of—thus the family, as we know it, does not exist.  If that doesn’t grip you!  One of the consequences of immorality is death—though people would argue that point—God will not be mocked.  Our society is in dire straits. Interestingly, our government leaders who’ve made careers of “representing” (?) the people *seem* to have little knowledge of or regard for their predecessors or for the role of the Word in our nation’s founding and existence.  How arrogant and foolishly they behave who do not learn or gain wisdom from the teachers of the past.  O, pray for our leaders, pray for our nation—now more than ever, we need His touch.

Even in the midst of this struggle for righteousness and godliness to be revived and once again be the foundation on which our nation stands, there is a fierce battle raging all over the world—the enemy of Christ taking many forms—persecution, destruction and death of Christians.   Voice of the Martyrs tells many stories.  O, in our own small worlds it may be hard to fathom the persecution of Christians all over the globe—it’s just staggering, but its a grim reality!  And here, as our country continues its moral decline and with the arrogance of those that call evil good and good evil, it’s not difficult at all to imagine persecution of this magnitude in America—shocking as that would be, it’s not difficult at all to imagine. 

Well, we’ve nearly concluded our journey through Acts in our family morning devotions.  Yes… it has taken us a rather long time to wind our way through this incredible book.  But, it’s been a blessing as we’ve watched the story of the church—the ekklesia—unfold.  Interestingly, the reading/study of this book of the Bible has given rich food for thought and understanding of what “church” is and what it means to be a church!   Then as we have sought to better understand just what the “church” looks like, we’ve come to appreciate many aspects of home fellowships or house churches.  This desire and our actions are often met with negative feedback—but we’re not seeking the approval of man, but the blessing of the LORD.  So, in our searching, we’re continually striving for a bond of love with our brothers and sisters in Christ, believers—though they may not understand or may even disagree with some of our ideas, we pray they see our desire for peace—with and for them—but more, that they, too, seek Him and His will.

March 9, 2004   How these days stymie us… how the events of our times grieve our hearts.  I ask the LORD continually to reveal Himself to the hearts of men.  “Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!” (ps 107)   I ask Him for His ways and I marvel over the Scriptures which promise His purposes will be fulfilled and His working all things together for good to them that love Him and are the called according to His purpose.  It’s difficult to see good in the evil of the day.  Sodom was wicked—very wicked and the Lord would have saved that city were there even but few righteous but there were none righteous!  What will be the end of America?  What of other nations?  I know that His Hand is moving all over the world… when Glenys wrote, I knew that His power was there, “down under” and when Sconces write, we know His Hand is there.  Wherever missionaries all over the world are persecuted for the faith, the LORD is there.  How this country has become so arrogant and ignorant of the ways of the Lord—what a stiff necked people we have become—every man doing what is right in his own eyes.  But God.  But God who is rich in mercy. Consider the beauty everywhere today—how merciful the Lord God is.

Well, I sure have been mulling over this case against Martha.  Interesting to read the different articles.  I’ve considered the enormous impact she’s had on our society.  She shaped a huge segment of our culture, gave women who never thought they could decorate a home or a cake or a letter: power to do them and do them well.  She brought a sense of creativity that was screaming to be developed—especially in a society that seems preoccupied with darkness and evil and depression.  She made the art of homemaking a reality with products that could be purchased in stores that “Mrs. Anybody America” could afford shop in.  It was her creativity and decorative flair that attracted all ages and walks of life.  But sadly, now this is one of those cases where everybody loses.  Nobody wins in this deal—not really.  So, it’s sort of a bizarre twist, somehow because she’s a woman, perhaps some would want to be more lenient and then others seem to want to destroy her.  Such a turn of events, sort of an enigma, she sure had a lot going for her and because so many have followed this “domestic diva” and regardless of ones feelings about her… she’s been a household name—an American icon.  I wonder about all the women who’ve faithfully followed her—because right or wrong, guilty or no, she’s brought great shame on her name—and then there’s the present reality of all the good things. The things that were a good thing, are still a good thing. 

Well, the “not in my backyard” has happened…Seattle will recognize same secs marriage. This, from The Herald:  Mayor Greg Nickels “doesn’t have the authority to begin issuing gay marriage licenses, as the mayors of San Francisco and New Paltz, N.Y., have done, because marriage licenses are handled by counties in Washington.” Further, Nickels “signed an executive order that requires city departments to begin recognizing the marriages of gay employees who get married elsewhere.”  [clearly anarchy!] Six couples were denied licenses so they filed a suit in King County Superior Court, seeking to overturn the state’s 1998 Defense of Marriage Act.  Two of the people represented in the lawsuit are women who came with their two children.   Where did these children come from!!!  They want to be able to look [their?] “kids in the eye and have them see us as a family, like all the other families in their lives…  we are parents and we want to protect their futures.”  Protect their futures?  What? I know, I know… I’m mulling over that leading a quiet life… deal.   This from the Seattle PI,  “As it is, state law prevents County Executive Ron Sims from issuing marriage licenses to same-se.. couples. [In the Defense of Marriage Act 1998 law says] “Marriage is a civil contract between a male and a female,” and denies recognition of same-se.. unions in other states.   Neither the city of Seattle nor King County can define the terms of marriage,” Sims said in an interview yesterday. “There is nothing I can do. Governments cannot pick and choose which laws they’re going to enforce.” What?  they can’t pick and choose what laws they’re going to enforce –or not!– enforce?  They *are* picking and choosing!  In clear violation of State law (scroll down on that link page),  Because of “Executive Order”, The city will recognize same-se.. marriages in other states for the purpose of employee benefits.  “Gay and lesbian city employees now fill out forms to obtain benefits for “domestic partners.” If they get married, they can just check the “married” box and skip the paperwork.”   Easy as that… just check the box.  No consequences…

I’m wondering a couple of things… where and when do Christians stand up and make a case against ungodliness?  And, I’m wondering what our friends over at Judicial Forum are saying about all this.  They’re in Idaho… maybe they’re getting out the big guns… (uh, that was a figure of speech–) and saying, not in my backyard!! 

March 8, 2004  The LORD is gracious!  Omy, This day surely hasn’t gone the way I imagined it would go or rather, even how it was already going prior to noontime.  When my husband returned home, having been gone two minutes, asked me to get ready to go—and once I was walking out the door he let me know that he’d be picking up our friend’s truck and so I’d need to go help with that.  I didn’t ask any questions—just followed!  He then let me know that our friend was in the hospital and that’s all he knew.  As I type this, I’m mindful that we’d had a good time of study in the Word here this morning and prayed for each of our friends and many acquaintances by name.  Wes had also talked about the uncertainties of life and the One certainty we *do* have—when we have faith in Jesus Christ.  Our children are often made profoundly aware of the ways of the LORD when events, such as today’s, happen. Wes and I have had many opportunities to meet friends in hospitals and the joy of talking with the LORD on behalf of our friends.  As it happens, this friend, who is more than a brother to Wes, was suffering head pain from a concussion—post concussive syndrome, they called it.  He’s home now, and needs rest.  O, my heart was racing for a moment, because it was this friend who, one morning 7 years ago, called me and asked me to come to that same hospital because he needed some information as they’d had a “little incident”  on the job.  It wasn’t till after I got there that I saw this was quite a bloody “little incident” that required some reconstructive hand surgery.  Mike neglected (on purpose) to tell me it was a “little skil-saw incident.”   So they’ve been through many “little incidents” together!  Today was a blessing as our friend, Joyce, shared of her daughter’s initiative and responsibility in taking care of some needs at home.  Such an encouragement that the work invested in child training is very effective and this trial was a sort of proving ground and she did exceedingly well!  So thankful for cell phones!  Mike called her… Joyce could call Wes—I could talk with him on the way to the hospital, I could talk with Kathryn on the way, I could let them know what was happening and then later, let them know I was on my way home.  So thankful for the provisions that make our time here so much easier.  I don’t take these things lightly or for granted.  I know that I know that I know—it’s of the mercy of the LORD that we have any of these things, that our life it what it is, that we are not consumed day by day.

* How do you know that it’s Monday in Seattle?   The *sun* is shining!
* Where can you park for *free* in Seattle?   On I-5!

It’s a blessing to me to receive email from many different people with various concerns, or requests or ideas to share.  I can’t always reply to the encouraging emails but am so thankful for the gracious letters.  I receive letters from “start-up” businesses and from ladies who’re starting or running home businesses.  When I believe the particular biz would benefit other ladies, I heartily recommend the site.  Well, I’ve got a few today— a new one to me comes from a man who wrote to share about dry-erase boards after seeing my link to another company in our homeschool page.  Apparently, this man & his father-in-law have a company that offers the boards at a better price—now I haven’t seen the boards, but they look to be of good quality—plus, they are believers and so that’s the reason I’m suggesting the site.  We like dry-erase boards for school work!  A couple of ours have bright clock-faces on them for teaching ‘telling time’ and can be used very well for teaching fractions.  We also have some story-boards (half lined, half blank) and some math-boards (columns in light gray).   O, and we use (I buy a case of three or four colours) the low odor markers now so there’re less noxious fumes. I used to wonder why the children were passing out at math time 😉

So… yesterday was a blessing.  I’m mulling over the messages we heard in our fellowship and seeking application for each.  A few, in particular, stood out to me… living a quiet life… what does it mean to live a quiet life, and what does it mean to steal… what do we steal?  Interesting examples followed.  Do we steal time?  Do we steal envelopes, paper, etc. from work (if we’re in the work-place)?  I’m thinking today of what I might be stealing… time that ought to be for my family or husband… thoughts… lots of thoughts.  SO… I am especially watching my  time on the computer! Another message came from Philippians… and another from the life of Jacob—he reaped what he’d sown.  His sons manipulated as he had manipulated or deceived.  He was wrestling with God—he began to understand and have a heart after God… but what of the training of his sons?  My husband was sharing about fathers leading their children.  And in doing so, they’ll do one of three things: they’ll lead well, they’ll lead poorly, or they’ll not lead at all.  They’ll all do *one* and perhaps most commonly, a combination of the three, and sadly many do the third: not lead at all.  There was further talk of the consequences of not leading at all.  Food for thought!

March 6, 2004   I think my life must be screaming for some comic relief or I’ve just really gone totally over the top.  Anyway… I don’t know if it was the recent enjoyment of watching some home decorating shows at my mom’s house or if it’s our constant quest to find better ways of doing things or making over and decorating our home with things we have, or what.  But seeing the cell-makeover’s was totally funny to us—NOT mocking cells, not mocking anyone—just the funny thought of decorating a place that *never* would be decorated like these pictures.  Okay—enough disclaimers!   I think Hannah got some decorating ideas for all the sets of bunkbeds & small spaces we have in our home! However, in linking to these pictures, I’ve totally separated the person of Martha Stewart from the hysterical pictures of cell transformations.  I laughed as much over the Martha/Irma Bombeck Christmas letter.  So, all this laughing is not at the person but more the lack time or ability or creativity some of us may have, or the season of our life that prevents tea-room décor or our more shabby than chíc furnishings.  Levity… just a little levity.

Speaking of décor… I cannot remember a Saturday without some great concern over getting some work done for Sunday.  I wrote of the “lifted weight” of responsibility.  But now, I’m experiencing a phenomenal sense of wondering just what to do *now!*  Well, that feeling gives way to reality and reality says: clean the house!  So, that’s what I am doing today—cleaning!  There are so many things that need to be taken care of that I not just sure where I ought to begin.  Trouble with abstract random’s is that it would not be unheard of for me to have gone into a room to make a bed, clean & vacuum the floor or to change the linen and bedding and then, instead(!), to paint the room and rearrange the furniture.  I’ve been known to do this in the middle of the night, too.  Poor little children who went to sleep in bed only to wake the next morning to find the bed against an opposite wall and dressers and bookshelves moved either *out* of the room or to a different location in the room.   You can imagine why the Kitchen is such a conundrum to me—that refrigerator!  O, and toilets & tubs… I can always think of a way it would’ve worked better for me!

March 5, 2004 I’m late blogging today.   I’ve so appreciated the letters I have received regarding the movie, my suggestion that you visit  Barbara Curtis’ website to glean from her writings and that you’re keeping up with news in our government from Judicial Forum.  I’ve been trying to do as much replying as I can, but am sure behind!  As we’re able, we reply asap!   Duty calls and I answer here, first! 😉

As if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, after five years of doing secretarial work for our local church, I’ve completed my last regular weekly responsibilities.  It’s bittersweet because I like doing the work and it’s a blessing to serve, but strangely, at the same time, it’s totally a relief to eliminate the duty.  I think often in my Christian walk that I have equated busy-ness with faithfulness and work = sanctification.  Now, you and I know that’s totally untrue but it’s sort of a programmed deal in the church— as if the ones whose work is most visible means they’re the more “faithful” members.  You know… you’ve heard it…  a woman is eulogized for all her work, the quilting bee’s she hosted, the women’s Bible studies she taught, the car-pooling, the cleaning and organizing of the church kitchen, the showers she arranged, the pies she baked… all her work.  (There’s a ton that could be written for the accomplishments of men, too!)  What a blessing all these things are(!) —but— I think sometimes there’s this guilt trip women take when they *don’t* or *can’t* do all those things!  Then, to make matters worse, they begin to *believe* the *lie* that busy-ness equals godliness.  So, where was I going with all that… ah, freedom—freedom in Christ to do just what *He* calls us to do, not of “fear of man” but of love and obedience for and to *Him!*

Ah, so you *had* to know it was coming!  Martha, Martha... careful and troubled about many things. I was just saying to my older children—just watch, the media is going to have a field day with this one (pretty cells and colour coordinated jumpsuits, and on and on…)—and, sure enough, here’s just a glimpse of what’s to come.  (I’m *not* endorsing the mocking!) You know, it’s incredible to me what’s a big deal and what’s not.  What sends the media into a frenzy and what it overlooks or dismisses out of hand.  Incredible—that totally lewd immorality is lauded and other things incite rage ( like this unbelievable amount of attention or focus on MStewart and yet scandalous transactions are overlooked probably every working day of the year—it’s so bizarre to me that the same people who defend whales are completely comfortable with the choice to have a baby murdered; who’d protest prayer or the study of theology in schools but promote witchcraft or education/promotion of homose-uality in the same.  O, don’t you think it’s such a convoluted system we have—and now think of this: though this generation’s been steeped in vulgarity from music lyrics to MTV to lewd movies there are many who’re concerned over people viewing The Passion of the Christ and are suddenly concerned about young people viewing an R rated movie!  With all the truly vulgar things broadcast everywhere, everyday—it’s outrageous: the anti-Christian attack—and it’s simply that: anti-Christian.

It seems that the barrier between justice and absolute anarchy in this country is all but eroded and soon the dike will give way entirely.  The atrocities of judicial tyranny, the moral decline or the steep immoral incline, and the destruction of the family: the daddy-mommy-children-in-the home-family.  Soon all the clamoured-for or demanded freedom will become the cinched noose or springboard to the black abyss.  And we go on… licking ice cream cones.  Do we hear the cries?  Does it matter that the world is going to hell?  (powerful reflections by Amy Carmichael).

March 4, 2004  It feels like we’re being washed under the tide… now the same sx “marriage” has moved a tad bit closer to home.  Now marriage licenses have been issued in Oregon.  But, no matter what people say or do, whether they “get married” or whatever: it’s just paper because God already outlined and defined marriage—and no, it’s not just a matter of semantics, it’s not a matter of ‘rights’ —it’s a matter of violations of moral absolutes.  God cannot—will not be mocked.  He’s already proven that and we have His Word on it.  I’m wondering if the “marriage licenses” that have been granted around the country will be revoked, shouldn’t the judges power or positions also be revoked as well?  This, from Fox: “The Senate Judiciary Constitution subcommittee is probing whether the Massachusetts judges overstepped their bounds.” Judges may have overstepped their bounds… —–uh, ya think?
Why be concerned about this, why be disturbed?  We’re seeing rapid fire assault on marriage, on the family: on our future.  It’s grievous, really very dreadful.  O, God save our nation.

What a blessing it has been to receive email from people I don’t know and will likely never meet this side of heaven.  What a marvelous thing it is to share ideas and give & receive  encouragement.  Such has been the case with the author I shared about a couple of days ago.  Now after reading some of her articles and ordering her book, I’m all the  more inspired to share about her work with you.  Barbara Curtis is a most gracious woman and being that I’m a mom with many children, I can so relate to some things that are unique to large families.  I appreciated reading and agree with her article on how to get kids to help at home —and something that’s not unique to large families, is the need to have children be and be able to be helpful in (age appropriate) situations.  She points out the need to start out as I say, before the need arises.  Illustrating how a child can be discouraged from doing a job before he ever gets the chance to try it out, she suggests starting early!  I so agree.  I believe we moms can get so wrapped up in perfection and performance that we miss those wonderful teachable moments and then wonder why or how in the world we ended up with children who don’t or won’t help out or who have a poor attitude about work.  Speaking of poor attitudes, this reminds me of a very good website—that’ll really encourage you—and you might do well to read some of her articles especially if you’ve got some (young) troubles on your hands.  Elizabeth shares loving parenting with only occasional trips to the woodshed.

That treadmill was getting dusty so I thought it was time to “un-fold” it and use it!  This time, thirty minutes was a very comfortable walk.  It was easier while watching a movie, so I’ll need to go to the library and pick up some ‘educational’ movies for my walks.  Now, for those of you who walk regularly, this must sound rather silly; but for those of you who don’t walk regularly, taking the time to walk (nowhere!!) seems like a waste of time.  On the other hand, if being strong and staying well requires that I do this, then this seems less and less like a waste of time!  The treadmill is actually pretty efficient—space-wise and time-wise!

So glad for that ready mop!  This floor gets to be a mess around here by noon and dinner each day!  I’m thankful for that mop hanging on a nail in the closet “at the ready!”  We’ve tried *many* mops —many— mops!  This one’s by far my favorite.  Sometimes I use a thin wash-cloth in place of the ‘ready-mop’ pads on the mop and I’ve used other cleaners in the solution bottle.  What I thought was going to continue to be a pricey mop has turned out not to be! 

March 3, 2004    Get Bibles — people need to hear the Word!
This morning I had a real good talk with a dear friend here  whose opinions I value and who’s been a true friend through many years so I understand her words and feelings on things.  That said, after hearing—really listening—to her thoughts on “The Movie” and from several emails I have received, I must share that I so appreciate the testimony of how the LORD’s used the experience in each life—and btw, I sure don’t look down on or condemn anyone for seeing the film.  My cautions are just that… cautions—not condemnations!  All those who’ve seen the film echo the sentiment that they’ll never be the same, never again take Communion lightly and will never consider lightly the stripes and pain He bore for our transgressions, the sin —our sin— that nailed Him to the Cross and that after all that horrific scourging, He forgave still and He rose again, and lives today.  And the impossibility —apart from grace— of our being crucified with Christ is a reality now, more than ever. 

So, Here’s the latest deal on the movie—then I’ll give it a rest—I’ve dug myself in pretty deep on this one and there’re lots more thoughts and lots more passion, too—but then, I’m thinking: Is this profitable and is it going to be edifying?  So what I’m going to do is leave a site link on here and you can take a look at which ever of the many angles you want to read about.  I’m telling you—this one’s not cut and dried—there’re too many angles, too much symbolism and too much passion on both sides—the deal is this: Christ died to save sinners; the price has been paid and to be saved, one must believe in faith on the LORD Jesus Christ.  We must give the world an answer for the hope that’s within us.  The world sees Christians and all the sensational programs and promises.  The banners and billboards—the mass marketing of studies and plans and all the trappings that go along with them.  Let us not get caught up in vain debates or in the pretty trinkets.  Let us love and let us so live as the LORD commands.

1 John 5.20-21 And we know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an understanding that we may know him that is true and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ.  This is the true God, and eternal life.  Little children keep yourselves from idols.

I just talked with my daughter-in-law about some cake decorating supplies and gave her a small list of supplies to add to her order.  We’ve made a cake called The Triple Chocolate Celebration Cake—a Bon Appetít, Epicurious cooking school cake—chocolate, ganache, chocolate mousse triple layer cake! The delicious cake is quite spectacular and makes a stunning presentation.  One aspect of the cake is that chocolate transfers are used to make beautiful designs on the frosting of the cake.   Beryl’s offers many many cake & pastry decorating supplies and ideas.  I wish we’d thought of this site when we we looking for special cookie cutters—they have lots of them!  I know, I know… what in the world am *I* doing talking about butter-sugar-flour foods, anyway!?!?

March 2, 2004 (late night) Well, it’s sometimes a risky thing to blog frankly and openly on heated topics.  I don’t recall a more emotionally charged issue than the release, and ensuing debate over, The Passion of The Christ.  Now… I don’t want to be offensive, nor do I “like” being critical—in fact, because of all the controversial stuff and all the “ah-ha” moments we’ve been having lately, I’ve been more critical than I’ve ever been—sort of how it gets when you spend time with negative people… you know?  You start behaving just like them!  I look in the mirror and say:  ohmygoodness, I don’t think I’ve ever been so pessimistic about so many things!  I’ve had acquaintances who were negative and what a drain it was to spend time talking.  I guess that’s what inspires me to look on the brighter side—the bearing all things, hoping all things, enduring all things, way of thinking.  The current controversies have really weighed heavily on my heart and my cautions and negative views have not been meant as a personal vendetta.  I do have the caution lights blinking—and I’ll continue to have them blinking—without seeing the film, I’m sure it seems to be ignorant criticism—but I’d rather just collect information, pray and seek ways to help or to encourage people now that the movie’s a fact—it’s out, it’s being seen, and it’s being talked about everywhere we’ve been.  Especially, I thank those who’ve written—I value each of the opinions and thoughts shared regarding the film.

That said, I do want to clarify my reference to and opposition to the proliferation of movie and book stuff (trinkets and trash).  When my dad was working in advertising, he’d bring us things that had come out to promote products or companies or campaigns and he always called the stuff (that’s a biblical term, you know) “trinkets and trash” and so, that’s why I refer to the “stuff” that way.  And I know that the movie and the other books (Jabez, et al) are not the same—but the merchandizing is!  I’m not ashamed to say it’s a shameful shame!

A new (to me) site for searching for more stuff—dishes, etc. to add to your search list is Ruby Lane.   I check eBay for dishes quite often—now, I’ll check Ruby Lane for dishes too. Occasionally we see our patterns and have ordered a couple of pieces.  We’ve been so pleased with every single one of our eBay purchases and have never had any difficulties or misrepresentations of products.  It’s amazing *what’s* on there for sale—anything and everything!

March 2, 2004  Taking in over 125 million dollars (gulp) in its first five days, you had to know it was coming… the trinkets and trash.  It’ll be interesting to see just what comes of the movie, The Passion of the Christ, and the proliferation of books (!), stuff, of things… uh, witnessing tools.  How about a Bible! The tools… the reasons, the discussion guides… how ’bout a BIBLE!  It goes without saying that this generation seeks an answer.  This generation seeks a sign.  Look at the proliferation of the material(!) after the  Prayer of Jabez and the trend following that book.  It’ll be no surprise to see a resurgence or broadening of ecumenical teaching, principles or  philosophies and the impact of such on the “church” in America (not to mention the nonsense we export to other nations).  What is the LORD saying to us in/through all this?!?  Dontcha find it incredible that the majority of the movie-goers were Christians/Catholics/etc. and I’m thinking the very ones who don’t often go to “R” rated movies and now they’ve made this one one of the top 5 day grosser’s of all time? Pretty incredible, huh?  Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.   How ’bout a Bible!

I just received an email from a mama of 12 children—extraordinary!  While I looked over her letter and then “visited” her website, what caught my eye a couple of times was a quote she has on a couple of pages, “God’s gifts put man’s best dreams to shame.” Isn’t that a remarkable statement?!  She seems to be an amazing woman.   It’s not just because she’s written many many books—on homeschooling and other topics, articles, columns, etc.  It’s not because she’s traveled extensively, or that she’s got an artistic flair or an ability to communicate so well on so many different topics.  What I found to be the most noteworthy is her obvious love for the LORD and her desire to be obedient or yielded to Him.  Peace that passes understanding is the peace she demonstrates in the joyful acceptance of all of her children—with, or without Down’s Syndrome.  Barbara Curtis’s site and books will likely make a significant impact on your life!

March 1, 2004  Ah–the first day of another month!  I resisted the temptation to do this in green and shamrocks–part of my family is Irish, but I’ve never been too involved with Irish traditions or whatever.  I guess over the years as we’ve steered clear of superstitions and traditions of men, we’ve not practiced ‘cultural’ expressions of the Irish.

In the news “‘Gay Marriage’ is not about ‘Rights‘” This, by David Limbaugh – Friday.

Talk, talk, talk about the Passion.  If you didn’t read the article, by  Andrew J. Webb, you can read some valid points for your consideration.   Many continue to ask us if we’ll see the film—our answer remains: we don’t know, but we tend to think not.  My continued thought is that I can never “un-see” what I’ve seen and my strong opposition to the movie in the first place is that the focus of Christ’s death was not his beating but that the agony and the passion was the bearing of the weight of the sins of the world and the atonement for sin—His resurrection is evidence of the penalty being paid and is the finished work of the Cross.  The focus is misplaced in the film.  Another strong opposition is that Roman Catholic tradition or accounts plays in and artistic liberty adds things that are not recorded in the Word —Mary proposing to help Him carry the cross with a flash-back to her helping Him up as a child after a fall.  These, along with the portrayal of satan—which I am totally opposed to.  I never take part in things dealing with satan.  (I know—narrow— and I don’t read books by Tolkien or Lewis or watch movies based on their works.)

Many tell us that Mel Gibson is a believer— his views have surely changed over the months—my hope is that this is the genuine work of the LORD in his heart.  Months ago he asserted that none outside the church (RC) will be saved.  Now, all are children of God—a blasphemous statement if he means that.  Eternity will sort all this stuff out.

It totally matters if/when Biblical accounts are compromised.  It’s here.  It’s done.  Like the purpose-driven anything, it’s a force to be dealt with.  So—that said, what we tell people now has got to be unshrouded truth—the truth of the gospel and the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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