January 2004

God is the LORD, there is no other.

January 2004

Our January Snow and Ice Pictures

here’s another one for you, mama… Kathryn
and me at a party this past Christmas

January 31, 2004  Already the last day of the first month.  What an amazing thing it is to have time seem to be at an accelerated pace.  Early in motherhood, I thought the days were so long but the months flew by—now, the days and months seem to pass in a blink!

Kathryn’s doing much better today—has a bit of pain in her leg where the tourniquet was used—that surgery is done in a “bloodless field.”  It’s fascinating to see what’s done in the process—but not for the squeamish—I’ll tell ya that!

A lot more to write about the upcoming: Passion movie.  There’s an article circulating that is credited to Paul Harvey and it’s quite a sensitive review of the movie and the effect on the viewer—  From what I’ve heard of Paul Harvey, I imagine he’d likely agree with the words.

Today’s a bizzy-bizzy day.  Many have already gathered to hear Dick York share today at Emmanuel Baptist church.  He’s quite a gifted man.  I appreciate his years of work and his wisdom.  He has so much to offer having walked with the LORD as long as he has.  It doesn’t even matter to me that his theological position (calvin vs. arminius) doesn’t fully match what I personally believe.  I understand where he’s coming from and see his position.  We sort of have that going on in this house all the time, though and it’s really okay.  This side of heaven we only see in the glass darkly—no matter what we think!!   I know my Calvinistic leanings are probably a bit on the strong side and yet, I totally understand how my husband (and friends & family) sees a different (but sometimes parallel) angle of this theological position.  He’s surely read/studied/debated/and waited on the LORD la long time and has my undying admiration and respect.

January 30, 2004  It’s a rainy, dreary day here in the Northwest.  Such a blessing to have wood and a woodstove! Kathryn’s doing a bit better today but is still experiencing quite a bit of pain and some sickness… each day of the climb will be easier for her… but it’s still a pretty steep climb.  Our little friend Kinsey’s picture depicts Kathryn as she sees her.  😉  I smile knowing the LORD’s Hand in Kinsey’s life and that because of a major injury, she’s faced a thousand times more in her early years than people face their whole life… but, Kinsey sees the Sonshine.

Kathryn, by Kinsey… January 2004

January 29, 2004  Long night, this last. Lots of pain for Kathryn—no pain to me to stay by and help her.  So thankful to the LORD for His working through the surgeon who operated on Kathryn’s foot yesterday.  Wes & I talked with him for a bit after the surgery and he was so encouraged by her words and attitude.  She had told the doctors and the nurses in surgery that they had changed her life and that she was so grateful to them for all they’ve done for her—that they had no idea what a blessing they were to her.  So… when they came out to talk with us, that’s what they all said.  The doc was especially touched as he said sometimes work gets so routine that you never know how it all works out.  Well—for us, this worked out marvelously and we know the LORD was answering our prayers in and through the work of this doctor’s hands. 

A precious sister in the LORD sent a beautiful poem that was waiting for us when we got home yesterday.   What’s so touching is not only that she would take the time to do this, or that her walk with the LORD made it possible, but that it is only through this small work that she “knows” us and that we’ll probably never meet this side of heaven—and so we owe her a debt of gratitude.  I made a print of it with a picture of two of Kathryn’s x-rays behind the words and then I decided to frame it for others to see.  I had an old picture in a matted frame and so thought that there would be a nice place for it in the dining room.  I stand in awe of God Who’s made all this possible and the words form the sister in Australia surely reveal that she knows this too.  So… for Kathryn Grace who knows the Who and Why of the shape and scars of her beautiful feet… here is a poem with thanks to and for Glenys Hicks.

Perhaps you heard the Colson, Breakpoint commentary.  If not, here’s a touching commentary, At the Foot of the Cross.

Much in the news about the upcoming Passion of Christ.  David Limbaugh’s review of the movie concludes:  The moral is that if you want the popular culture to laud your work on Christ, make sure it either depicts Him as a homosexual or as an everyday sinner with no particular redeeming value (literally). In our anti-Christian culture, the blasphemous “The Last Temptation of Christ” is celebrated, and “The Passion” is condemned. But if this movie continues to affect people the way it is now, no amount of cultural opposition will suppress its force and its positive impact on lives everywhere. Mel Gibson is a model of faith and courage.   (Read his entire review here)

These I’ve received from newsletters—and expect to see many more:

The Canada-based TruthMedia team have built an evangelistic site around the PASSION film.
And they have created SHARE THE LIFE as a site directed at Christians, encouraging them to integrate this film into their evangelism: http://www.sharethelife.com/
Both these sites are incomplete at this time of writing, but expect to be fully operational mid-February, well before the main film launch.

CCCI US have rebranded their WHO IS JESUS site as ‘PASSION OF CHRIST’:

And CCC’s Evangelism Toolbox has created a specific PASSION-related site where you can find (or add), specific resources for churches to mesh with this very significant film.

For details of ordering tickets, getting the film to your local cinema, and obtaining promotional materials from the film’s makers, plus links, news, reviews, and comments:

You can tell a friend by email (or text message) about the availability of movie clips of the film:

January 28, 2004 
Well… today’s the day for Kathryn’s 4th & final (we pray!) foot surgery.  We stayed up so late last night… don’t know if it was from excitement or just to have a good time of talking, a last little snack and coffee.  No matter, it was worth it and we’re now preparing for her appointment.  As always, she’s doing great and is very calm.  The surgeons who will be working on her foot today are the same she’s had the previous three times and are such fine men.  I’m so thankful for the LORD’s direction of the selection of this doctor and his associate!  They’re really gracious and so attentive to her needs and comfort.  Easy for me to say.  I have some links on our medical page that show different foot surgeries.  O, …perhaps not with your morning coffee, though… okay?

There’s a site—with books and the whole deal— that seems to validate the type of “diet” way I’ve been eating over the last several months. Last summer, when I decided to let go of butter-sugar-flour foods and mocha lattés, I began to lose weight.  It was as thought the LORD put His finger on that area of my life and I knew that these foods had a grip on me and I had to get out from under my obsession with BSF foods.   I know He guided my thoughts and was my Help as I walked away from foods I love and helped me to replace them with better choices for me.  I am learning moderation.  I haven’t really done the Atkins or Zone diets—but perhaps a combination of them.  My mom suggested the site so I’ve been taking a look at the Glycemic Index.   I think if you’re having a hard time getting your arms around the Atkins plan, then maybe the glycemic index is for you.  It’s possibly an easier way of dealing with “what in the world do you eat” questions.  This, from their site:

• Use breakfast cereals based on oats, barley and bran
• Use “grainy” breads made with whole seeds
• Reduce the amount of potatoes you eat
• Enjoy all types of fruit and vegetables (except potatoes)
• Eat plenty of salad vegetables with vinaigrette dressing

This is sort of how I’ve been eating for the last couple of months.  A little oatmeal occasionally, Flax Seed bread,  NO potatoes, NO rice, smaller portions of beans, 1/4 banana, 1/2 servings of fruit at a time, Tortilla chips only if they have salsa on them—THAT totally curbs the snacking—you get too full too snack on them!  See… it’s really, really easy to cut down/out carbs.  I like this Glycemic Index approach.  I’m going to be reading more about it—perhaps I like if because it allows a bit more flexibility with carbs!  Ahhhh precious carbs.   Moderation, moderation, moderation, dear. What do you bet that the cereal suggestion of oats, bran or barley based cereals means about a 1/3 cup serving? 

January 27, 2004
 Here’s an interesting Census Bureau report—it’s even a bit encouraging… regarding families.  There’s also a mixed bag of stats on Fathers that was interesting to read.  We know the Word has a message to Fathers… that the heart of the fathers would turn to the children and the heart of the children to their fathers.  This, from Malachi 4.6.  What an awesome responsibility fathers have, yet few seem to realize it!

We completed our Titus2.3-5  study this morning in our Titus2 fellowship.  It’s been a long, sort of drawn out study—one I pray has been a blessing to the ladies, but I thought it necessary to examine each word in context and focused on each as a topic for each study.  What comes of it, I pray, will be wives whose lives exemplify and not blaspheme the Word of God.  Interestingly, I read an article a little bit ago about something I just shared this morning and that is the benefit/imperative of early learning and application of specific Bible truths. This article is the second part of an article “The Bible on Responsibility.” It looks to be the last for that site.

January 26, 2004  Kathryn’s getting ready for another surgery.  She’s begun the surgical prep work of scrubbing and scrubbing.   She getting her thoughts and trust in such a place as to accept the path and walk in it. This is the last one in this series of four surgeries to correct her feet, so she’s aware of the trail ahead.  It’s been nearly a year since we first met her doctor and what a blessing he’s been to her and to us.  I marvel at the goodness of God, His mercy and timing in the surgeries and how well they’ve gone.  Kathryn’s been so gracious—I know more and more all the time why the LORD impressed me to name her Kathryn Grace—for God’s grace, God’s infinite grace is evident and made manifest in and through her life.  I’ve always seen a glimpse of this but more so in trials and suffering—things that would hinder most, rather propel her to goodness with a gracious response to humiliation!  I see the High King of Heaven, the love of God—His wondrous grace in her.

God’s blessed us with four beautiful daughters—I do not mean beautiful as the world defines beautiful, but beautiful on the inside where beauty never fades, where beauty deepens and increases with age, experience, and through the work of the Holy Spirit.  I’m increasingly sensitive to the gifting of the LORD in these daughters (and in the sons, as well—but that’s another blog!) and the tremendous and humbling responsibility that is ours in the training of daughters and perhaps in presenting each one one day to the men that will be their husbands—the ones to whom they’ll be joined.  I’m grateful for the opportunities of their lives.  I read a story this evening about a little “ballerina” whose parents only saw her to age eight.  It was gripping to this mama with two daughters a bit older than eight and two under eight.  Tiny Dancer is the story.  Get out your hankie—it’ll grip your heart.

How ’bout this story… would you invite a stranger into the service if he didn’t look right, smell right, fit right in?  If he were sitting on the wall around the churchyard, would you sit down and talk with him?

It’s going to be an interesting year if the “news of the day” radio broadcasts continue as they have been.  Some years ago, story had it that Ronald Reagan said to Nancy (at a cemetery, looking at a headstone inscribed: Here lies an Honest Man and a Politician): “Look, Nancy, here’s one with two men in the same grave!”  Ahhhh.  So now… all the rhetoric and mud-slinging… I wonder how many are honest politicians?  Perhaps an oxymoron.

Thinking of attending an Alpha Course?  Think again.  There are some conflicts with the Word you need to be aware of before you’d consider attending—The Alpha Course is another of the many dangerous teachings to mislead the Church today.

January 25, 2004

Many Blessings to you, this LORD’s Day~
Today I want to share with you a blessing…
it’s in the form of an audio-video presentation:

The L
ORD is my Shepherd.


January 24, 2004 We’re in a bit of a mess around here—new sorting and cleaning, preparing to the weekend, baking and washing… no time for bloggin—but Valentine’s Day is coming so I wanted to get working on that page.  I’ll add to it, hopefully, in the next couple of days.  Many blessings!

January 23, 2004  Ooops, I just typed in “3” again!  It’s a bit hard to remember we are well into the month of January and I am still typing 2000-three instead of 2004—maybe you are doing that, too. 

We praise the LORD that Mother is home from the hospital.  Seems she has a condition with the acid-reflux that is quite painful and since it’s not been long since a stent/angioplasty, there was some concern that a problem had arisen and needed to be addressed.  Thankfully the docs were able to help her and she was released.  Oh—the brevity of life—-and the long, long days in between.

After another sweet time of fellowship with other believers, we are more and more grateful for the body of Christ and for His provision.  Each week, it seems there are more things we discover about the Word—passages that we individually study are shared and new understanding is gained.  I’m grateful for the opportunities our children have to visit with others because of that deep need for socializing—all of us have it, I suppose, but young people especially are needing good friendships and enjoyable times.

Joyce was writing to me about her new washer/dryer and I am sure impressed with her testimony of the efficiency of the machines—and the time and water she saves!  She was sharing that the capacity is twice the size of her other washer, so that means her laundry will be done twice as fast in half the time!  She writes: “A well working tool makes for a well working mother!”  Amazing, isn’t it!?!    So— front loaders are on my mind as I type away, waiting for a load to finish so I can get another one going.  So grateful for these maidens here in the kitchen. Maiden Washer, Maiden Dryer and Maiden Dishwasher are all hard at work!

more later…

January 22, 2004  My mother in law was taken to the hospital this morning… how sad we are that she lives in Indiana—no longer lives close to us and therefore, we must rely on phone calls or email, which is how we received the news this morning.  We pray for her and earlier, we prayed that she’d quickly recover and still be able to come out for an already planned visit in two weeks.  Wes just called and had an update… so we’ll see how things pan out.  She’s a remarkable woman whose life has been such a blessing.

Here’s a new site, One Man One Woman Coalition for Marriage supporting the preservation of marriage—looks like it’s ecumenical, but good resources and links, nonetheless.  No doubt there’ll be attempted sabotage like what’s happened to other preservation of marriage/family/home sites.  We pray God will bless America, and more: that America will bless God.

You know… there’s a continued sickening occurrence of disregard for life… it’s not coincidental that it’s in the news at the same time as marriage issues are in the news—all of these things are inextricably linked: faith, abstinence, marriage, childbearing, Truth and life  vs. cults, the occult and new age religions, promiscuity, immorality, abortion, deception and death.  The article at Real Clear Politics sure shows another ugly side of the humanistic view of life.  Infant mortality is on the rise—not because of more abortions, although there are—now, added to the staggering annual numbers of abortions, there are more and more infants being killed at birth.   As sick as it is, the mothers of these infants could have had abortions moments before the births and not be charged with homicide—it would be perfectly legal to do so in our country.  At the thirtieth anniversary of Roe v. Wade, there is so much to be done.  The following article informs us of the tragedy that is no doubt taking place all over America—the world. Real Clear Politics.

It’s time to start planning for Valentine’s Day.  Now… I don’t know the particulars about the origins of this day, so when we celebrate Valentine’s Day… we celebrate love, joy, family and friendship.  We like to decorate with hearts, candles and flowers and heart shaped foods… cookies & biscuits, and we like to share sweet memories and because Valentine’s day comes just a bit after our anniversary, it’s just sort of an extension of our anniversary celebration—always a time of remembering special memories and commitments we’ve made to one another.

 Don’t forget!  Valentine’s Day is for sending love notes…

I am making a page for Valentine’s Day ideas…
I’ll let you know when it’s up!

January 21, 2004  Bloggin’ early for Wednesday—things are stacking up, already!  Only heard a bit of the President’s State of the Union address last night.  I applaud him for his comments in the latter portion of his address concerning the sanctity of marriage and our obligation to defend it.   Interesting comments regarding support of faith-based organizations and opportunities for such to receive financial backing and non discrimination of such.  It’ll be interesting to see how all that pans…  At one point he stated that we have some “unfinished business on the issue of taxes…” Uh, yes—I guess that’s on not a few people’s minds.  Good address, Mr. President.  Had to be.

Speaking of taxes—Costco has a coupon item that Wes just went to pick up last night.  Turbo Tax—with the sale price, in-store and mail-in rebates it was something like $14. or $15.   So… now, that means all he needs in order to complete our taxes is for me to go to the Social Security office and update my information—never mind that this has suddenly come up after 26 years of marriage—suddenly their records don’t reflect my name change.  Omygoodness.  Okay—so I’ll head over there one of these days.  I think I’ll enjoy that trip as much as I enjoyed heading into that root canal last Tuesday.  I do not like the SS admin office any more than the Dept of Licensing.  I just about typed motor vehicles—California, dontcha know.  Even after 25 years here… We still call it the DMV—DOL sounds sort of odd to me—when any of us go in, we’re certainly not on the dole—and those who don’t pass the tests certainly don’t feel as though anything charitable has happened to them—so, DOL—it’s maybe a dumb title.  Stick with me, it’s the DMV.

I just remembered some of my New Year’s goals.  It dawns on me… if I can’t remember when I last drank a glass of water, then it’s been too long.   That, and finishing my meds

We sold our old van!  No, I’m not kidding.  The man who bought it had rolled his van a couple of weeks ago in the ice and freezing rainstorm.  So… he already has a good engine but a van in bad shape and our van’s engine was in bad shape but the van was in not terribly awful shape—for a van that’s 28 years old!    Well, actually, not that bad until two nights ago when someone broke out the passenger window to steal the CD player.  It never *seemed* that old till last week, then it seemed… older.  So glad the thirty year olds I know look so much better/younger than that van.  So anyway… the man took the van and was happy—happy with the nice upholstery, dual exhaust, dual gas tanks and new tires—uh, and the plastic over the door.  Oh, c’mon—no, we didn’t pay him to take it!  The LORD has answered our prayer—completely and exactly.

January 20, 2004   What a beautiful Northwest day we have here today! Clear and chilly. The olders have been working through their schoolwork and the youngers have been watching one of the phonics videos.  I’m particularly happy with this program, The Hooked on Phonics [site is slow loading] videos and cards.  I please with the format and the clarity.  It’s a good partner to the 100 Easy Lessons book and ABeka language arts books.  There are some minor pronunciation differences and occasionally a different term is used for blends or digraphs or whatever, but all in all, the combination is a good one.  There are some children in our family who seem to do better with the worksheet method and some not so well, it depends on their personality—so I always recommend waiting a bit for boys and discovering their particular need/style and then plunging in with them, concentrating on attention, obedience, understanding and recognition.  Over and over I see that knowledge without wisdom is foolishness or vain.  Proverbs 15.14 “The heart of him that hath understanding seeketh knowledge: but the mouth of fools feedeth on foolishness.” That’s another topic for another day.  I need to update our homeschooling sections as I’m sure there are many dead links as well as other info that needs updating.  I don’t know when I’ll get to all that, I do know that today’s not the day.  In a moment we’re off to the Library.  We just received one of our daily calls that someone here has “holds” in at the Library.  It used to just be the ‘olders’ who needed frequent trips to the Library—but now, even the younger ones need a trip or two each week!  So… off we’ll go in the new-to-us “Limo” to the Library!

DOMA’s in the news!  I never want to be called a “one-note-Sally” or however that saying goes… where the daily mantra is the same—like a broken record; and I pray to not be as brass or a clanging gong or tinkling cymbal.  But you know, everybody’s got a note they sing… perhaps many notes, but for me one note that needs to be sung the loudest, highest, deepest and longest, is the note pertaining to the sanctity of marriage.  I don’t generally harp against those who hold a different view, and neither do I spend any time considering the views of those who don’t hold marriage in high esteem, for any thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God is to be cast down. 

“Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” –2 Corinthians 10.5 

Proverbs 14.34 says: “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.”  

So what’s the big deal about marriage and why am I so determined in the promotion of healthy marriage and dogmatic over its preservation and restoration?  Marriage is a picture of Christ and the church—just as a bridegroom gives himself for his bride, protecting, covering and providing for her, so also Christ our LORD gave Himself for the church… that it should be holy and without blemish.  In the same way, we women so ought to behave that the Word of God be not blasphemed.

This one’s for you, Katherine ~ God Bless you.

January 19, 2004  I’m overwhelmed by the events of the last few days, humbled at the mercy of God, His providing a van for our family, and for the opportunities we’ve had to share His provision and protection.  We share, not because of anything we think of ourselves and surely not of boasting because none of all of this is our doing, but because all of what’s transpired is of the LORD —no man has power to do what’s been done.  Ps. 118.23-25, 27  This is the LORD‘s doing, it is marvelous in our eyes. This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Save now, I beseech thee, send now prosperity. God is the LORD

We called on the Name of the LORD and He heard our cry.  We trusted in the Name of our LORD and we were delivered.  We seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and He has provided what has been needed.  Not a moment too soon and not a split-second too late.  O, had we not stood still and waited on the LORD

One of the thrills we had today was *heat* as we rode along in the van which is also *dry* inside with doors that shut securely.  We enjoyed conversation—able to hear and speak at a very comfortable volume.  But the heat… that was pretty neat!  We figure that it’s probably been about twelve years since we had a van with a heater because the one we had before this one also didn’t have a functioning heater.  It’s been very normal to wear lap blankets in the van.  We’ve been able to continually add to our amazing collection of van related or road related miracles… you can only get stories and miracles like these from “faith powered” vehicles which still run for no apparent reason.  I’ll never forget the fact that the LORD’s  a-l-w-a-y-s  gotten us where we needed to go, ALWAYS.

Over the years I have received numerous beautiful letters from people in many places in the world, and I suppose, this side of heaven, I’ll never meet the people who’ve written letters of encouragement, requests, permission to post articles, etc.  I imagine I’ll never know the outcomes of trials and tribulations sisters and brothers have faced and I’ll likely never know if what I shared was encouraging or helpful—but I do know this, I’m forever grateful to the LORD for the ways He’s working, the way His hand is guiding our path and for the opportunities He’s orchestrated for me to minister by way of this site and through articles or letters.  It’s a great treasure to receive a letter from one I’ve corresponded with in the past .  I’m most grateful for the joys and trials in our life that have become material for messages.  It’s not the simple, the pleasant or the mundane that draws or shapes the heart or forms our character—we delight in the mountaintops, but we grow in the valleys.  We rest in the meadows and bask in the sunshine, but we mature and our faith is shaped, deepened and strengthened in the storms and when the days are darkest.  Truly God is the LORD.

January 18, 2004  January 18 and 25 are Sundays set aside to commemorate the  Sanctity of Human Life.  May God hear our prayers and heal our land.

January 17, 2004 
As this month marches on, I’m feeling profoundly aware that in just a “few weeks” I’ll be amazed that we’re already down to the end of the year and I’ll once again marvel at the speed of passing time.  A little newborn already looks older, Spring and Summer merchandise is on store shelves and Election Day is just around the corner—time marches—no, races on!

We continue to marvel at the Hand of God—His merciful kindness, His unfailing love, His provision and care.  Since returning home from our ‘vacation,’  I’ve been simply in awe over all the ways the LORD cared for, provided and protected us.  As we were leaving town, having just received a gift that would add to what would be needed for my visit to the dentist, we prayed and asked the LORD for His provision and protection throughout our trip—I was quickly reminded of those [answered] requests as we were coming home, two cylinders not firing, top speed on inclines was maybe 25 mph and so with much popping and knocking we made the arduous trip home; the I5 southbound lanes from the border to our home seem quite narrow to me.   I had many lessons reaffirmed to me: wait on the LORD, lean not on our own understanding, in all our ways acknowledge Him, submit to my husband, be careful or fearful for nothing, in everything give thanks… and so many more things!

Now, I said above: submit to my husband.  O, how much I would have missed had I not totally rested in trust that God was indeed guiding my husband, that I would submit to him in trust and faith, and that He would watch over and provide for us.  My husband’s driving thought was that the LORD had provided for this time, had taken us through many difficulties and that he just wanted to get home—make it home was the only goal.  Because the van was running so rough and Wes was having to really push it to get us home, our gas gauge was heading to and then touching “E” —- “E” — “E” — “E” –  rapidly! So with much chugging and sputtering we were nearing our home… in fact, when our home was nearly in view, we ran out of gas.  If that were the end of the story, the jubilant and awe-inspired shouts to the LORD may not have spontaneously erupted from all of us— totally and completely astonished at the work of the LORD… as if gently pushed home, we continued on and then coasted along to our home, through no traffic [which *NEVER* happens that time of day], down our lane and as the power-steering was gone, Wes turned into our driveway, with all his might, cranking the wheel first to the right and then to the left as the van stopped just near the place we always park it.  We screamed with joy—God is the LORD—there is no other.

As I said, O, how much I would have missed—had I not totally rested in trust that God was indeed guiding my husband, had I not rested in the fact that my husband is my head and that I submit to him in trust and faith—in obedience to the Word and though the Holy Spirit.  So, because of knowing that I know that I know these things: I would wait.  You see, at the border, when the van which had been running a little rough but nothing like what was ahead, we drove by a used car lot and took a good look at some “fleet vans” they had for sale.  There were several available and one in particular was *near* (but not *at*) our price range.  O, and it was Dodge… I never thought much of them—in fact, I prefer Chevy’s and this was not a Chevy.  The van we’ve been driving is not a Chevy but it’s been the right van for the time.  So while we made our way back home, in the theater of my mind occasionally I would let play out what would have happened had we just gone ahead and bought the van…  we would have missed the great blessing the LORD had in store for our family and our faith in Him.  My husband had a very specific budget and the price the dealer had quoted him was a few hundred dollars higher than Wes’s budget.  Had he gone ahead and agreed to buy it and make payments, he would have missed the better plan of the LORD.  He would have compromised his position on going into debt for a vehicle. 

I marvel…

**We would have missed the significance of an anonymous gift in the mail—that was sent the day before we got home.
**We would have compromised an agreement to not make hasty decisions or purchases.
**We would have missed recounting the provisions and blessings of the two days previous… how I was able to see the dentist, to have a root canal, to see the timing of the LORD and the locations we needed to go.
**We also would have missed the great joy of this day when after getting up very early to drive up to Bellingham to first take another look and then to offer to buy the van… Wes drove into the driveway—greeted by his jubilant family—in the van he bought on the right day, at the right time, in the right way, for the right price!

O, how much we would miss were we to choose our own way!

Breakfast at Harrison Hotsprings in BC

Yay Walmart.  Thinking of the mama’s!

Look what we bought—Thanks to family and a generous gift!

See—we made it home and are sooooo smiling!
With everything else coming from thrift stores or hand-me-downs,
one thing everyone loves here is a great unders shopping spree!
Yes—the shopping cart was FULL of unders and, yes,
I did receive a lot of looks and comments.
And yes, I do praise the LORD.

January 15, 2004 We’re back home… much to share, much for which to be thankful and give praise to the LORD and more pics to post.  But at this hour—much sleep is needed and there’s very little time before daybreak!  Suffice it to say… Canada/BC was absolutely beautiful, the LORD was [is] so merciful and we’ll never forget His blessings and benefits.

On a totally different note—Don’t know why this is intriguing, and it has nothing to do with anything, but I sure think this is a kewl house.  That’s, uh, cool—the way my boys type it.

January 13, 2004
  Too bizzy for bloggin… will put up another blog in a few days!  God bless you.

January 12, 2004  A beautiful day here!  We attempted more decluttering and organizing!  I think we even found a little space in our home!  Condensing was my goal today. Reduction, yes, but condensing sort of became my brief mantra!

My “what and why” thoughts didn’t take me here, but it was an interesting read on what Mormons believe and what they probably won’t share and may not fully understand; nonetheless, it had/has nothing to do with what I was studying.   Could Jesus have sinned?  He was tempted, so could He have sinned? No—in no way and by no means!  His Divine nature, His impeccability makes this an impossibility.  It is difficult for me to remain quiet on issues—and probably this blog is ’bout as far as I oughtta go on proclaiming many things—suffice it to say—I’ve always been strong minded so… bloggin’ is a good ‘soap-box’ for me.  Interesting article on the perfect sinlessness of Christ my Perfect Saviour and here’s another one,. and another!  Aaack—could Jesus have sinned?  By no means.

Praying for friends in Colorado who’ve joined the ranks of the unemployed… we say: come on up… the water’s fine! 😉

January 11, 2004  Another good and blessed day in the LORD.  Seeing His Hand in everything we do makes for a thrilling walk, a walk of faith in anticipation of His leading, a walk of faith trusting that as all His ways are good, He will guide and He *will* provide.  Boy—some conversations have really had me thinking today—the “what and why” of what we believe… it’s remarkable what the LORD’s done for us, Who He is—His omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence—His glory, His power, His dominion His boundless love.  Now… were we to just live out these truths, to truly be in relationship with Him, to truly walk with Him—a living body!

We had another time of praising His for His provision of our van—and praying for one to replace it!  It’s a faith-powered vehicle, one that seems continually fraught with a new sound, a new leak, a new knock somewhere in the engine and a new rattle someplace.  I sometimes wonder how far downhill that van will get before it’s at the bottom—totally irreparable—it already seems beyond repair and the next trip will be the van’s demise.  Looking in the autotrader was a real eye-opener, however!  No, it didn’t make me appreciate our van more, but it did dose me up on the reality that there’s sure a difference between a 1976 and a 2004 vehicle—a $ignificant difference.  In reality, this van—or any other *thing* for that matter, pales in comparison to what others are dealing with.  I just read Roger Bennett’s blog, for example…

Each day I receive a devotional from Gospel Chapel.  Every time I read them, I find that the LORD has worked in and through them to teach me a truth from the Word in a way I’d not heard before or had forgotten.  There’s also a “Sermon Outline” to which you can subscribe—Subscribing takes just a moment.

Ahhhhhhhhh… just found the Noel Pie Plate Company online!  In a shop in Leavenworth, I saw their pie plates, canisters, and teapots and thought they were so lovely!  All the while we stopped in different shops, I searched and searched for a honeypot—saw only one, and it was tacky.  So, now… my great thrill was finding a honeypot and dipper at their site!  I drink my tea and sometimes my coffee with honey and milk.  Well… recently my little cherub, ami, dropped my large ceramic honeypot and it broke on the floor—yes, it was *full* of honey.  Fortunately, as the kitchen is often cold in the winter, the honey didn’t run all over the floor, but it was surely a sticky mess!  This was one of the things that were given to me by my dad—guess that’s what made it sad to me—no more gifts from him.  So… one of these days maybe I’ll order one and another one for a friend who always admired my blue honeypot.

I sure appreciate the beautiful new CD by the southern gospel music group, Legacy Five. I suppose it’s, in part, due to the fact that we’ve met them, seen their candid videos and have heard their testimony—the ways in which the LORD’s worked and is working in and through their lives, the testimony of Roger Bennett and the Hand of the Lord in his life and ongoing ordeal with cancer.  Our family also has high regard for the Palmetto State Quartet, the work of Andrew Ishee and Phil Cross and others—there are so many great songs to be heard—great songs to be sung.  We think there’s nothing quite like quartet music—well, maybe our 11 part harmony is a close rival!

January 10, 2004  We continue to be amazed at the weather patterns—thankful for the break in the storm that allowed for a bit of clean-up in our yard.  Our friend Mary wrote of their power outage [and post 36 hour return!] and war-zone appearance of their yard—I echo those sentiments, as ours surely looked like some wild storm swept through!  I was sad to see such a large branch of the willow tree broken.  Wes will need to go up with a chain saw and finish that off.  It’s such an enormous old tree that the loss will not necessarily be noticed—but I’ll notice.  Just like I notice when something’s been moved or misplaced in our home… it’s just a funny thing about mothers.

Need to find out about the content of a particular movie?  We sometimes take a look at Screen It when we’re questioning a movie and the rating attached to it.  I must give a disclaimer—this is obviously not a “Christian” site and the categories are graphically described in the movies reviewed/listed.  A particular ‘war’ movie had a rating higher than what we would allow for viewing—but after reading the description, we understood the rational for the rating.  War is not polite and killing/death/battle is not neat and clean—there are no kinder, gentler wars.

My husband had a letter from a friend—I’d forgotten about his website—Judicial Forum.  Then, he’s got a weblog you can read and lots of other stuff on the site.  There are so many things going on in the news—so much, so bizarre that we can’t comprehend it—we can’t fathom the depravity that’s become so common. 

So what do you think of all the news about saddam?  I wonder what it’ll take to make him talk—rather, to make him say what officials are wanting him to say.  Then, an interesting twist to the civil unions in Vermont—and like everything else, it all comes out in the wash: “The homosexual lifestyle is about sexual adventure,” said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council. “I’m beginning to see that they’re not interested in obtaining marriage for the purpose of monogamy and long-term commitment.” This, from family.org/cforum yesterday.  Glaringly obvious, is the enemy’s continued age old attempt to thwart marriage and attack God in the assault of His creation.   Then, further in the news—‘Seems Howard Dean‘s arrogance is matched only by his spiritual/biblical ignorance.  This candidate, it would seem, would only add fuel to the fire of our national moral decline—and the temperature’s rising.   Ahh… even so, come Lord Jesus.

January 9, 2004  The clouds giving way to blue sky and sunrays this morning is hardly representative of a week of ice, snow and freezing rain!  The only indication of the past week’s storm is the mess of limbs and branches of various sizes all over our yard.  Over the years, I’ve been amazed by the sudden or instant changes in weather in the Pacific Northwest!  I’m continually impressed by the changing of seasons—I’m told it compares nothing to that of the Northeast, nonetheless, for this southern California girl who knew few types of weather of weather and two seasons: hot and sunny or warm and sunny.  Occasionally, there’d be a few scattered storms here and there.  So… that explains my amazement at icicles, snow, freezing rain or rain, more rain, and a lot more rain.  It seems that during one particularly wet Spring, I’d wake up and before looking out the window, I’d ask Wes, “Is is raining?”  He’d reply day after day, “Yes…”  Day after day… rain.  Oh, were those days depressing to me.  I’m more and more attempting to appreciate all the water—preferring to see the Spiritual significance to water and equating it with the washing of the Word.

 “…even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.”  Ephesians 5.25b-5.27

In the news today I was amazed to read the headlines… Of course, the ongoing coverage of the ice and snow’s resulting problems of downed power lines, trees and continued power outages.   But more astonishing, no, sickening really, is the headline that Lake Stevens gets a casino—which the GM of the casino hopes will “be an asset to the community.”  That’s just what this county needs: another gambling asset. bleck! Just what we need, another venue for people to advance deeper into addictions, more opportunities for lying, cheating and abandoning families and for the state to reach deeper into empty pockets—The manager delights in what he believes is an “untapped resource” on this side of the county; I guess this “untapped resource” is ideal for his biz and for the state: additional tax revenue.  No doubt, greedy gambling’s ravenous and insatiable sister: pornnoonographyy, will move in next door. 

It didn’t make front page, but my parents have decided to come home… 😉 I’m guessing they got tired of the SunnySunShine in southern California and wanted to console us here by leaving it behind and coming home to the wet and wild weather of Washington.  That, or they are just going to stop in, say hello, check their mail, water their plants and head back!

For this child we’ve prayed… and praise the LORD with Sean and Lisa at this miraculous gift!Even in this, the LORD is demonstrating His gracious love wherewith He loves us, this gift of Life—not only in this life, but in Salvation through His atoning blood.  O, again, all God’s ways are good.

January 8, 2004 The snow and ice slowed our housekeeping progress somewhat.  I think we’ll have to concentrate on the cleaning and sorting some more next week.  I have also just restarted my trek to losing more weight… well actually, lose the 4 pounds I gained over the holidays and then the rest of the weight I’d planned on losing.  It’s a really tough battle as I need to incorporate more exercise and more WATER (I know, ma, you’ve been talking to me about water my whole life!).  I like to read the tips and ideas from ediets  — these are Zone, Atkins, or low carb type diets.

So, then, that’s the main deal here.  That, and schooling—it’s during the months October-November and January through July that we do most of our schooling, though we do some schooling projects year-round.  We’ve found that trying to keep to a rigid school schedule during the rest of the year is complicated by many breaks and interruptions!  So, over the years, we’ve come to this schedule and like the flexibility.

The snow remains, but it’s not nearly so cold today as it’s been over the last week!  The pictures in the paper today show some incredible results of the storm and the freezing rain.

Family news from Focus on the Family and Citizen Link provide updates and news that affects our nation’s families.  These articles prompt us to pray all the more for our nation, our officials and the families—especially marriages and for those who don’t know Jesus as their LORD and Saviour.


January 7, 2004  Icy today!  Icy-cold and icy roads, icy trees and icy power lines!  We’ve been inside listening to ice falling from the branches and icicles falling from the gutters—quite an eerie sound as the trees sway in the wind, the icy braches cracking with some limbs falling.  The willow tree looks like a gigantic icicle mop and all the walnut trees are like ice sculptures.  After sliding around a bit the other night, I’m not driving anywhere—and pray I don’t need to!  It’s raining now… not freezing rain like last night, but a light sprinkle.  It’s 30 out and the ice is thawing a little bit and the forecast is rain and warmer weather (38-40).

January 6, 2004  I finally got out ‘year in pictures’ done!  Wes is going to put these pages on a CD for me to have.  I don’t ‘scrap-book’ and I don’t keep a detailed day to day journal, so the year in pictures is a way for us and for our children to see the year and keep the memories fresh!   Oh, this snow and cold weather is amazing!  I thought it might prevent our granddaughter from having surgery today—but, alas, our daughter-in-law braved the elements to take her to Children’s in Seattle where she’s undergoing surgery to remove a growth above her eye.  We’ve been remembering her and the surgeon in prayer!  Our grandson is here… it’s a blessing to be able to help them and to spend unhurried time with him!

The weather prevented Wes from working today—he’s thankful as he has an avalanche of office work to complete—year-end and day to day stuff really adds up!

I just received a Karla Dornacher CD in the mail… it’s a screensaver for this computer! I love the books she writes and her illustrations are so beautiful to me!  I’m looking forward to having this on the screen when we’re not using the ‘puter!          It’s too cold to type! —more later!

January 4, 2004  From John MacArthur’s, Truth for Today: “Do you know you cannot serve God unless you are separated? In the Scripture, that word refers to being set apart for a specific task or purpose.” This, taken from 1 Peter 1.16.  We’re to be holy because God is holy.  We are His workmanship, we’re His ‘ambassadors’ here, we’re His peculiar treasure.  Today as we worship, we trust Him for fresh bread, for the sincere milk of the Word that we might be yielded, more fully equipped, ready for His service as He leads us.  I pray the LORD will direct our paths this year… a specific task or purpose…

One of the blessings of our trip to Chehalis on New Year’s Eve was the special hospital visit we were able to make to see our friends, Mr. & Mrs. Pais, where Mrs. Pais had just had surgery a few hours earlier.  Mrs. Pais—our Amelia’s namesake, was diagnosed with Leukemia 18 years ago and this surgery was to remove her thyroid and some lymph glands.  We prayed together and sang to her.  What a blessing it was. Mrs. Pais has a remarkable testimony of walking hand in hand with the LORD.

amelia holding mrs. pais’s hand

January 3, 2004  A very cold and snowy 3rd day of the year!  We’re trying to stay warm but it seems an endless battle to keep the back door shut!  We’ve enjoyed these days with family and friends—celebrating the birth of our LORD and reviewing all the ways of the LORD in the last year.  Amazing workings, blessings and provision!  Another year of walking with the Saviour, another year of His merciful kindness!

Quick Notes:

We rejoice with our friends over the birth of their new little daughter!  Little Lydia Grace made her long awaited entrance into the world at 12:25 early New Year’s morning!  Over the last two weeks, when the phone would ring, we thought we would receive the ‘announcement’ call.  And  I’m sure the days were so long as the wait lingered on. 

As the LORD brought a new little life into the world, another friend is experiencing the loss of her baby and sadly faces the process of passing this little one the LORD’s called home early.  We grieve with her, her husband and children and do pray to see the Hand of the LORD and wait on His planning and His purposes in all of these things.  He is only good and His ways are only good—it’s hard to see this in trials sometimes—but were we to see all things as of His Hand, these are all the things we’d choose—we trust with our friends that God’s ways are good and His paths are peace.  This time of year often seems to come with a unique sadness of its own.

A group of stores in town liquidating their inventory—ads in the local paper and signs all over for the Design Warehouse sales.  Accidents all over the place as snow and ice make for treacherous driving conditions!  I’m thinking my parents are probably not going to come home from California… !

Well… I need to get bizzy-bizzy-bizzy———those New Year’s resolutions are tarnishing as I type—-my coffee’s cold! 

January 2, 2004  Making progress setting up new pages, revising old… more later.

Happy New Year!
We’re filled with joy and anticipation as we look ahead to the new year!

drink more water
stomach muscles
clean one thing a day
learn one new thing every day
memorize a verse a day
drink coffee while it’s hot (the coffee)
New Year’s resolutions you can hold on to.

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