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November 28, 2003  Well, Thanksgiving 2003 is a now a happy memory.  God blessed the day and our time together—All the hurry-scurry and hustle-bustle is over and the memories are sweet.  We’re more grateful than ever for the goodness of the LORD, His mercy and gracious care.  Providentially , everyone was safe and well, everything was neat and orderly, the food all came together on time and tasted delicious and, most of all, we shared a day of great thanks together; as a family—we shared around the table something for which we’re most thankful and something for which we were most thankful during this past year.  All the answers were sweet—and we all agreed with each one… but the memory I will hold most dear is the answer one of our children gave regarding gratefulness for the steadfast love and support of family—for the knowledge that our family never gave up, never stopped praying and never lost hope.  I was grateful, for I knew in my heart that it’s only the enabling of the LORD to love when there seems no love, to hope when situations seem hopeless, to intercede in prayer when there are no words—it is the LORD—a walk with Jesus that makes those things happen—the natural man cannot do those things—in the natural, we don’t love, we don’t hope, we don’t have prayer—no…. not in the flesh—but in the Holy Spirit—we have all these things and more.  The LORD is gracious, full of compassion and of tender mercy.

We were so glad to have family and friends come over… it was a blessing as we celebrated our daughter’s birthday, had great conversation and singing!  I’ll try to post some pics later.

We’re not shopping today, we’re not saving money, finding all the best deals in the county.  As the children looked over all the ads in the paper last night… as one of our sons was talking about the best new store he’d discovered (It’s “Stupid Prices” in Bothell—a liquidator store) and as another was bidding on an Ebay item… I thought we didn’t really need to be out plowing through the crowds—I guess we sort of shop all over the world at home.  So we’re home… just spending time at home today.  I’ll talk with our friend later, to see how she fared on her shopping excursion before dawn today.  I sometimes feel like I never need to go anywhere… I just delight in the anticipation of the great shopping stories she and my mom have… they seem to be able to locate the very best of the best “deals” around—especially as our friend maps her course and the specific times of the sales she intended to make!  Now, my mom won’t be out in the crowds today—her shopping stories seem to happen when one would least expect to have them happen… you know, at a store the minute when everything “happens to be” 30% off and then because she’s there at 1pm and they have a special take an additional 30% off she’s got a 25% off coupon that applies to other combined offers along with her senior discount… she practically takes the item home for free!  ~smile~ I’m not kidding… she’s incredible!

The children are having pumpkin pie for breakfast… we’ll have turkey sandwiches for lunch and whaddya suppose: leftovers for dinner?  I know we’ll have at least two meals of our Thanksgiving dinner—oh, yes, Turkey Soup!  Yes… I did make broth yesterday afternoon and yes I did strain it before bed and yes… I did burn several scented candles and so… thoroughly enjoyed the process.  As I blogged last week—it’s NOT my favourite meal and mexican food sounds better than ever!

Next week I’ll get back to some more serious blogging…
there’re so many things going on in the news—in the world!

Many Blessings to all of you and your families
this beautiful Thanksgiving Day – 2003
No time for blogging… time for family,
time for baking, time for grinding, and chopping and mixing…
time for rejoicing… time for giving thanks, time for giving love…
Join me in praising the LORD for His goodness, His love and His mercy.
We have so much for which to be thankful…
Count your blessings, name them one by one…
Count your many blessings, see what God has done.

~Happy Thanksgiving~

November 26, 2003  My sweet daughters’ birthday today… so many fond memories have flooded my mind and fill my heart with joy.  This precious daughter is more than a blessing, more than joy to me… what a delight she’s been to us all the days of her life.  We celebrate this today… and every year as her birthday is always near or on Thanksgiving… I am humbly reminded of the great gift we were given the day she was born.  All of our children have been and are such blessed precious gifts—all are a joy to my heart.  I’ll write more next week about the ways this weeks’ activities have gone. 

I don’t know where the time’s gone…

November 23, 2003
 I don’t usually blog on Sunday’s—this is a family day—the LORD’s day and generally not a day on the computer.  It’s my parent’s wedding anniversary today—SO, Happy Anniversary, Mama & Poppy!  We called to sing them a greeting… we missed them, though!  So, when they return, they’ll have a chorus to listen to on the answering machine!

Ah, so, it being Thanksgiving week, I thought it’d be a good idea to get busy looking for neat new ideas for the special day.  My motivation is not self generated—it’s fueled by some marvelous newsletters I’ve received in the past week.  I’m always pleased to receive newsletters from Norma— Healthy Truths and her wonderful website: A Woman of Value.  I think what’s made Norma such a caring and encouraging person is her experience with difficulties and pain and the wisdom she’s gained from them through the years she’s walked with the LORD.  She’s given great perspective to life’s situations and I am thankful to be able to read and glean from her. 

We bought cranberries to make relish… the best taste to me, the easiest thing in the world to make: 2 whole Oranges, chopped—white parts removed,  then ground up, 1 lb. cranberries, also through the grinder, in a bowl add 1 cup of sugar, and a pinch of salt.  Put in the fridge and stir a couple of times a day for a few days… serve on Thanksgiving or whenever you have turkey—sandwiches or whatever.  Yum.  This year I am going to make a few things that will be totally unique.  Ham-grape-almond salad, pea salad and maybe something else… I wish my mother-in-law were here!  She makes the best-best layered jello salad.  I may make a rainbow layered jello  for the children—they love it so much!  It’s fun to make, fun to eat.  I sometimes make sugar-free and then don’t worry so much about the overload for the day.

So thankful our family seems to be well as we come to Thanksgiving… some years we have some bit of sickness in the home and the day of Thanksgiving is one day everyone wants to be sure to be very well!  No one want to have the flu over Thanksgiving!  Here’s how you do the deal if you’ve got the flu

They all love the meal—but like I’ve told you—it is NOT my favourite meal—I love the day, it’s the meal I don’t love.  But—it is a blessing to me to prepare for it and to serve it knowing that it’s such a delight around here and that everyone is so looking forward to their “favourite things” to eat.  O… I can recall the numerous times I been early pregnant and the smell of the turkey carcass simmering in the kettle for soup the next day—nausea nearly comes back to me at the remembrance!  Ack!  I think THIS year I shall not make soup broth the same day… I will sleep well with the fragrance of sweet candles filling the air… replacing that penetrating poultry smell… then set about making the soup the next day. 

How often do we attempt work for God to the limit of our incompetency rather than to the limit of God’s omnipotency.”  ~ J. Hudson Taylor

November 21, 2003  And so the erosion continues… The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled 4-3 that a ban on homosexual marriage violates the state constitution and gave the state legislature 180 days to come up with a compromise or a plan to comply with the ruling.  Alarming? Yes.  Irrevocable or final? No. There are sites focusing on this issue–bringing in points of interest and value. Alliance For Marriage sheds more light on this “crisis.”  The Campaign For Working Families offers you an avenue of communication with legislators in Congress.   You know… in all this we must remember that God is still on the Throne,  that from the beginning He designed, defined and instituted marriage between one man and one woman—that they would leave their father and mother, be joined together and become one flesh.  So—no matter what the courts say or do, no matter to what levels a depraved society lowers itself: the Word of God is sharp and powerful and in it we find ALL that’s needed for life—we know that “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness; that the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.”  (2Timothy 3.16)  If you’ve not yet signed a Federal Marriage Amendment Petition, you can do so by visiting the website One Man One Woman.  Ayia!

You find no difficulty in trusting the Lord with the management of the universe and all the outward creation, and can your case be any more difficult than these, that you need to be anxious about His management of it?      ~ Hannah Whitall Smith

—Made lemon meringue, pecan and chocolate pies yesterday.  Ahhh… all that BSF food sure looked good.  I DID taste the lemon filling as this was the first time I used arrowroot powder rather than cornstarch for the thickener—nah, I don’t think it worked as well and it did impart a subtle flavour  [I know—I’ve been told many times that it is tasteless—but I don’t think so—I think it has a ‘barely there’ ginger taste]  that I don’t desire in a lemon pie—so I think for lemon filling I’ll stick with [REFINED ;-( ] cornstarch—now, next year I may be totally converted to whole foods and balk at this refined cornstarch stuff—ahhh, I can take the heat and will humble myself at that time.   You want to learn more about whole foods?  Are you new to the whole [no pun intended] concept? You can check out Sue and you can also view this brief page of encouragement for “newbie’s” to whole foods.   Okay—time’s up for today… ‘sides, my coffee’s cold. 😉

November 20, 2003  Whew! No flood yesterday!  The river crested three and a half feet above flood stage here yesterday and remains high—above flood stage, but is receding slowly.  Farmlands and rural roads have been flooded but we haven’t heard of any real problems.  These days we listen to reports all day regarding the level of the river and the local weather conditions.  Ooooo, I don’t like cold weather—but was so grateful for the snow yesterday!  Snow is a blessing when the rivers are threatening to flood!  It’s raining hard today and that makes for another day of high levels in the river. Our first fall/winter in this home, I was reading in the Psalms and came upon Psalm 29 which contains what have sort of been the theme verses for fall and spring (times of high likelihood of flooding):  Psalm 29.3, 10 “The voice of the LORD is upon the waters: the God of glory thundereth: the LORD is upon many waters… The LORD sitteth upon the flood; yea, the LORD sitteth King for ever.”

This month is just ticking away—one week from today is Thanksgiving Day!  Also, next week, my parents have an anniversary and one of our daughters has a birthday—some years, these fall on Thanksgiving Day and we’re doubly thankful!  My daughter in law wrote asking for my stuffing recipe—so that’s something I’ll have to figure out and write down for her.  I’ll put it in the recipes section, here when I get it figured out—this is the problem with frequent cooking without a real recipe.  Now, I collect cookbooks, magazines and recipes and for the most part recipes are a guideline for me.  However, when I am making something really complicated or for the first time, I do follow the recipe!  When I’ve tasted a meal somewhere and want to duplicate it at home, I just try to recall the specific flavours, the ingredients and the likely preparation method and go to it!

I sometimes think that I’d sure like a mulching vacuum—you know, for all those little bits and pieces of things in the carpet.  I don’t know how many little Lego’s have been vacuumed up over the years—our incomplete sets would give a clue.  I also don’t know how many pennies have shot into the motors of our vacuums—many, I’m sure!  Yes, that’s plural: many pennies and many vacuums. Now, most of our home is not carpeted—BUT—for the rooms that are, a Hoover Mulcher would be great.  My sons thought this: would be a great vacuum!   I’m not sure we’d get much actual work done with one of these!

November 19, 2003  Another great site with GREAT stuff!  Though I love-love-love the Silpat sheets that my daughter-in-law gave me, I cannot justify buying more of them at this time (they’re pricey—but worth it, to me!).   I just visited a site which offers a baking sheet and I really want to try the nonstick material for baking!  These sheets at 12.00 per, look a bit more ‘doable’ than the 27.00 Silpats.  Additionally, I’d be more apt to use one sheet for crafting —at that price!  Apparently, glues don’t stick to the material and they’re not damaged by heat, thus they’d be great for under crafts with the glue-gun and Fimo or Sculpey stuff.  While you’re at that site, check out their GREAT prices on needles!!

O, by the way—there’s continuing talk of the hazards of polymer clays… seems they leave a residue on hands and the effects are potentially dangerous to health.  Toxicologists’ reports seem to still deem the levels within “safe” ranges for handling—even if ingested.  Now, moms, we know better than to let the littles work the Fimo anyway and we wash up after use… so, the debate is ongoing and those on each side are adamant they’ve got the truth.  We smile around here and say: O, isn’t that the way it goes with good stuff? —It’s unhealthy, dangerous or fattening.

We’re all a lot alike!  We all have too much on our docket, too much laundry, too many things need to be done, too many things are left undone, too much procrastination… and dinner time: what to do for dinner?!?!   Here’s a neat site that’ll give you all sorts of helps & encouragement for family meals—maybe it’ll even spur you on to get all those things done that you haven’t had the  energy to do!

November 18, 2003  It’s time to start preparations for Thanksgiving… the meal, the baking, the family back around the table and the activities of the day.  Now in all my life I’ve never really and truly liked the Thanksgiving meal—in fact, recently, I shared with my family that in a few years when I’m 50, I will make enchiladas, guacamole, chile rellenos, tamales, salsa and refrieds for Thanksgiving.  Icy cold Dr. Pepper for everyone, too.  Ah… but that’s just a dream… I’ll likely still be making a dozen pumpkin & pecan pies, cornbread, green beans, sweet potato casserole, garlic mashed potatoes, and… turkey.  I never eat turkey on Thanksgiving.  Well… that’ll change *this* year.  ‘Seems that ALL of Thanksgiving is carbs.  Thanks. 

Now I’m not an Atkins or Zone maniac—I mean I’ve not developed an unnatural fear of ICE (with all due respect to the late Dr. Atkins) or anything like that…. but it has been more than helpful to me to eliminate most BSF foods from my diet… thirty pounds ago I would not have even believed this nor did I have the will-power to attempt their elimination.  I could still head up and host a meeting of overeaters anonymous and commence by saying: my name is pamela and *I* am a carbohydrate addict. (have you ever wondered why the self-help groups include ‘anonymous’ in the name? —you go to a meeting and tell-all, share-all!)   I’ve not suddenly ceased to be a junkfood junkie—I’ve just managed to avoid being a user.  High-pro/low-carb hasn’t been *preference* changing for me—*life* changing, yes, but not *preference* changing.  The molasses cookie I had the other night was as delicious as I knew it would be.  The mocha I had the other day was as wonderfully tasty and delightful as the hundreds I used to enjoy.  All the while… I KNEW… those will have to be FEW and FAR between.  I can never go back to grazing again.  I cannot indulge in the freedom of gluttony,  ‘sides, Biblically, I know that’s wrong—I need to reckon it to be so.

more later.

November 17, 2003  Ahhhhh another rainy day here in Washington.  Hot tea, candles, a fire in the woodstove, children reading and working in every room… everything’s being done indoors these days… it’s wet and wintry now.

I’m slowly planning my quilt which is being inspired by our friend Laura and a quilt she made recently.  The quilt is wonderfully made using beautiful baby clothes—yes, she hesitantly cut into beautiful clothes in order to construct the quilt squares.  Each square is unique as Laura designed each one according to the type of or piece of clothing she used (pockets, collars, trim, edging, etc.).  So, every day I’m remembering the different baby clothes and how I might incorporate each child’s clothing into a square. I know some of the very well loved things I’ve saved will have to be reinforced or covered with sheer fabric in order to be used.  Now, I’ve been ‘collecting’ baby clothes for nearly 25 years—-I hope this quilt will not take as long to make as it has to gather materials for it!     I’ll be sharing more about Laura soon as she’s beginning a business sewing modest maternity clothing.  Her skill and expertise is evident in everything she does.   Yes… this is an endorsement—you’ll agree when you meet her and see her work.

There’s a strange and funny and wonderful world out there, a world where people who share same convictions, same hobbies, same lifestyles, same interests, etc., etc. can gather and become friends.  It’s as real as the real world, as close as family and as near as the computer screen.  In this world friendships are born, emotions are kindled—sometimes even fired up.  The events, activities or accomplishments of virtual strangers stir our emotion as if we’d been close companions for decades.  Though this world has a dark side and I’m in no way referencing it—firmly avoiding personal knowledge or familiarity with the depth of the depravity—I continue seeking only to follow well lit paths: I’m speaking of discussion boards, blogs and email lists.  Some of my dearest friends are ‘internet friends’ —friends who’ve blessed me beyond measure, friends whose lives have enriched ours and we theirs.  Because of time constraints, I’ve opted out of email lists for the most part and prefer a few digests or boards where discussions are posted concerning specific topics.

Years ago I did a web search for homeschooling and child training and the one of the sites I was directed to was the  MOMYS website…. so I subscribed,  and have, off and on over the years, received the digest. MOMYS is an acronym for Mothers Of Many Young Siblings.  It is on this digest that I’ve come to appreciate the unique ideas, helps, information on a myriad of topics pertaining to training & bringing up children.  And, as with any list, the personalities become familiar over time and a sort of web-kinship is established.  The moderator carefully guides the list.  There is a woman who posts on the digest from time to time, I appreciate her maturity and approach to topics being discussed.  I was especially touched by her gracious reporting of the fire which destroyed their home in the October fires in California.  Her response to that ‘tragedy’ has been inspiring—equally encouraging is the reaction by those who’ve also come to respect and appreciate her and her family.  You can tell a lot about a person by what they do and *don’t* say AND what others do and *don’t* say about them.  I read a post this morning that several in the homeschool materials/curriculum communities have offered their help.  You can read more about this family at a site that’s been specifically set up in response to this family’s loss.  We know this isn’t the only loss, the only need, the only tragedy.  We pray for the others who’ve experienced loss, tragedy and sickness.  Perhaps even you, who are reading this just now, are experiencing loss, pain or sorrow—-for these I am sorry and pray for the LORD’s hand and blessing to be with you.

November 16, 2003  We had a great visit at the doctor Saturday morning.  I’m always a bit apprehensive about these appointments because of the unwrapping of her foot: revealing the work.  Since this is the last surgery she’ll have on this foot, what we see now is the ‘finished product’ and so naturally, I was anxious for this day.  She had her dressings changed and will now wait two weeks before the doctor removes the stitches.  At that time, she’ll be free to walk and wear ‘normal’ shoes.  We’ve come to understand that ‘normal’ is a relative term—and through this year we’ve become altogether familiar with with a host of new “normal’s” around here! 

Ever wonder if stuff you’re using around your home is, or was at one time, being recalled?  But—oooops, you never heard about that recall and subsequently, now you’ve got a houseful of hazardous materials posing a threat to your health or safety even as you read this!  Ah… but there’s Safety Alerts and now you can visit that site and sign up to receive, by email, notices of recalls.  Well, just to satisfy my curiosity, I did a little snooping around and found that it’s quite a simple task to search different categories for recalled items.  Once you become accustomed to navigating the site, you’ll quickly see this and be able to do a specific product search—and hopefully, find nothing on their list that you have in your home!

I remember a few years ago I was oblivious to the fact that I was driving around with four new Firestone tires and someone asked me if it made me nervous to drive with those tires.  Well, not having heard about the recall, or rather, not paying attention to the recall nor even to the type of tires on the van, I shrugged.  In the back of my mind I was thinking: mygoodness, if they knew the numerous problems we’ve dealt with with that van, *tires* were the least of my worries.  As naive as it sounds, I know that our vehicles are faith-powered and frequently there’s no mechanical reason why they’re operable—anyway, at that point I was just hoping it wouldn’t rain as I had no wiper motor and used the manually operated string method whereby the strings looped around the wipers on the outside and the string ends were hooked together  on the inside of the van are then pulled side to side causing the same action on outside—it’s a rather effective method, but not one I recommend.  Sometimes… you know… any port in a storm.  O, by the way, once home, Wes checked the serial numbers and sho nuf, we had the “defective” tires.  It was simple to have them replaced—Firestone couldn’t afford for it NOT to be!

November 14-15, 2003  More busy days in our home.  Time is limited, or better stated, it is spent differently when one of the family members has more needs than at other times—especially when that member is one of the main wheels in this well oiled machine!  Ah, my daughter: the daughter I truly recognize is a gift of God—and perhaps more: she’s gifted of God.  Whatever the case or whichever way I look at it, she’s remarkable and amazing.  What a joy for her to feel well enough today to play the piano—O, how I’ve missed her playing in the last few days!  One of my greatest joys each day is hearing the beautiful music played on that piano—but O, how those early days pained me!  I don’t know if you’ve heard the songs to which I’m referring, and bless you if you’ve endured them, but they’re pure torture and pure delight to the budding concert pianist.  Believe me, when hearing: The Indian Song, one never thinks the next Chopin is tapping those keys.  The only thing I think is that we’re nearer the end than the beginning of Book One. 

I’ve been encouraging Kathryn to write an account of her year, to chronicle the surgeries, recovery periods and to share the complexities of pain, navigating and general living post surgery.  I’m recalling many solutions to predicaments that casts/crutches/wheelchairs present; one or all pose problems nearly everywhere we’ve been.  Her doctor shared that many times the key to rapid recovery is firm and unwavering motivation.  She’s been totally motivated—and he is pleased!  We’ll go to have her bandages removed and dressings changed.  I’m thinking that the gauze they used initially is too tight and that a good deal of her pain is currently a result of that.  I’ll take the camera in the morning and snap some pics of the “main event!”


November 13, 2003   The LORD is merciful and has blessed abundantly as Kathryn had a very successful surgery Wednesday afternoon.  While she’s in considerable pain at times, she’s quite amazing to us all as she bravely handles what comes.  It’s been a blessing to me to help her and I look forward to the days ahead when the pain and swelling diminish and she’s able to comfortably get around once again.  Ahhhh… I suppose, in reality, what I truly look forward to is taking her shopping for shoes… pretty shoes: something that’s been difficult to do most of her life as she’s never been able to wear “beautiful” shoes—but how grateful I am no matter what shoes she’s worn, and truly, she would say the same thing.  I’m grateful to the surgeons and they know it as I’ve shared with them numerous times the great blessing they are in the literal changing of her life and helping her to have corrected feet.  I pray that she will have beautiful feet—that the verse that inspires her now will characterize her life.  How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace.

  November 12, 2003  No time for bloggin’ yesterday—and, actually, less time today!  We’re preparing for Kathryn’s foot surgery at 2 and the care she’ll need for a bit.  I think we’ve had more visits to doctors in this past year than we’ve had in all of our parenting combined—now, of course, this does not include visits to midwives/OB’s which seem to number in the hundreds as I’ve been pregnant over 100 months of my life! Whew!     Now… this surgery tomorrow is much less complicated than the others as this is a surgery to remove the ‘hardware’ (screws & wiring), to do a little work on the bones, and “lift” the scar. So… I’ve been chatting with our daughter while she drank her last glass of water, took her anti-nausea meds, and antibiotics.  She’s been scrubbing her foot 2 x’s daily for five days with an antibacterial surgical scrub—poor girl—her foot is now quite sore and looks jaundiced.  If you or anyone you know is contemplating foot surgery, what a process this is!  It’s really and truly a year long process.  Months and months in casts and on crutches; months and months of swelling and additional surgical procedures following the initial corrective surgery.  I believe we were unprepared, initially, as our expectations were quite high and really, in hindsight, unrealistic—totally unrealistic.  But—we’re optimists and had we known, I don’t know what, if anything, we’d have done differently.  One thing I know, and that is that the LORD has surely been gracious and beyond faithful in His provision, His protection and tender care of our daughter. 

Lots more in the news… too much to blog today…  seems like time’s on 78 speed.  Remember old record players, turn tables, etc.?  We used to think it was so funny to speed up the player and listen to the distorted mousey voices.  Well, sometimes, I think that the speed of time has been increased and the volume’s way up and the tempo’s too fast.  The rate at which things are changing is mind boggling to me… and yet… there are some things that don’t seem to change… the coffee still drips slow when I’m seeking to have the study start on time on Titus2 mornings.  I posted the latest lesson in our study of Titus2.3-5.  We had a good time Tuesday morning.  I look forward to the second half of this lesson which we’ll do in a couple of weeks.  I thought it best to have our Titus2 meetings on the 2nd  & 4th Tuesday mornings of the month so as to allow the keepers at home to do and be just that: keepers at home.  Some miss the Friday morning meeting time… I do, too, sometimes—but this is best for now.

  November 8-10, 2003

Ahhh… Boys’ Day.  I thought I’d just blog a bit about the day of days.  Everyone ought to go out for boy’s day.  I learn so much on these days from my boys.  It was a blessing, too, to be with my parents–to have them and the boys together is rare—generally, we’re all together with all the family and there’s often much commotion and lively conversation such that one gets lost or cut off in the exchanges.  On Boys’ Day, it might tend to get a bit that way but the topics & conversation remain: boys’ stuff.  I wasn’t disappointed in my anticipation of the traveling to the restaurant and all the car sounds I’d hear; nor was I let down by their reaction to “ALL the FOOD!”  It was as I’d anticipated: all good.  Now, I’d not intended to take the five year old as he might not have enjoyed the day as much as the rest—but had you seen the expression on his face or heard his determined joyful, compliant attitude, you’d have taken him, too.  “When you say to me, “Andrew, you need to stay by my side,” I will say to you, [emphatically] “yes, ma’am, I will stay by your side.””  Now, you see? Would you have left that little one behind?

In addition to the ‘best lunch in the world’ at the restaurant, next door at Gart Sport was also an adventure.  Now, when I saw my thirteen year old riding around on this ‘big wheel’ —just larger proportions— looking just like he did when he was five: I thought… now, if there’s anyway for me to buy that and bring it home and explain to Wes WHY I HAD to buy it… well, I stopped at that.  Now the next morning (yesterday) I was telling Wes that I had so wanted to buy that big wheel—and that I had thought of many things I would have told him as to why I had to buy that big wheel.  Well… much to my shock,  when he returned from picking us his vitamins (C & D) that morning—which was a rather lengthy time away, by the way, he told Samuel to run out to get something from the truck.  So… Boys’ Day… it was the best.

Those vitamins, C & D?  Uh, that would be coffee and doughnut.  And the big wheel? What a blast!

Today’s blog’s covering a few days worth of stuff as there have been few opportunities to blog and fewer to read what’s going on.  But there are things going on alright—lots of stuff’s going on!  You know, it’s tough to keep in mind that I might need to be a bit guarded when blogging.   But then, sometimes I consider this and think: nah, it’s my blog… so I blog.  Some days will be innocuous and others will seem a bit sharper—caustic even.  Sensational, this blog is not.  I hope it’s both informative and entertaining.  I attempt to be factual and forthright.  There’s enough pointless drivel in life—that’s not my purpose 

My sister-in-law works for IBM and so, bearing that in mind, I’m reluctant to ever think/talk poorly of the company. It has, in fact, been a very good job for her and her abilities have been both sharpened and broadened in her tenure there.  But… and it’s a big but, I’m continually regretful regarding the ‘liberal-ness’ or the ‘politically-correctness’ of the firm. Big Blue… is really becoming Big Magenta or something like that.  I guess in actuality it’s been a series of compromises that have transformed the company to what it is today.  It’s amazing to me all of the subtle erosions of the family, the clever or perhaps inadvertent attacks on morality.  Were I to seek to be employed outside our home, I’d be hard pressed to enter or remain in a situation where there’s such compromise to Biblical standards and thus would likely have a very limited resource pool from which to secure employment.   I’m not suggesting an IBM boycott… but there are other international business machine companies.
  November 7, 2003
Today is Boys’ Day Out… Somewhat of a new tradition with my parents. My mother begins reminding them well in advance that Boys’ Day is coming…  [all this in answer to the many times we girls have gone out to lunch or whatever with Grandmother—and without the boys!].  So, Boys’ Day Out.  We’ll be meeting them at a buffet restaurant where the boys will enjoy a meal… sampling lots of different foods, making their own sundaes and trying out the various beverages.  This is the sort of day that makes me smile… for on these days I drive the van and all of my companions are male and the conversations, unlike the conversations of all-female passengers, are comprised of more sounds or sound effects than actual words and far more is noticed *outside* the van than what we’re feeling-thinking-dreaming-wanting to do- *inside* the van.  In fact, I don’t think we have a complete conversation without sound effects the whole day.  It’s a total paradigm shift from a day out with the girls.  While the boys are gentlemen, extremely courteous and polite, it’s a whole different set of parameters on Boys’ Day.  For example, I generally don’t notice the makes and models of vehicles on any other day.  I never call out, “O, Sweet!” when seeing a new van, for example.   I’m never asked to speed up to the latest BMW on any other day.  I don’t generally have truckers honking (in response to the “pulling down” hand motion my boys are making somewhere in the van).   I generally don’t ever have young ladies smiling and waving at my passengers on other days.  I’m never offered a taste of coke-fanta-orange-sprite-rootbeer at once in the same glass on any other day.  After a nice lunch with the girls and visit with my parents… I never go the sporting good’s store and test all the displays and try on camo gear.  No, when the girls go out to lunch, we don’t come home with pocket knives or flashlights or baseball cards.  But, on the other hand, I never feel more like the Queen-of-quite-a-lot on any other day than on Boys’ Day Out.  With boys… it’s always an adventure.  With boys, it’s always the best day ever. 

  November 6, 2003   Just returned from the doctor’s office where Kathryn had a pre-op appointment.  It’s gotten to be amazing to me the length of time involved for corrective foot surgery.  I’d no idea the length or the intensity of pain and healing.  Here are some links on my medical info page regarding foot surgery.  So… another surgery next week and then another one in a month on the other foot.  In the meantime, there’ll be other office visits, dressing changes and rewraps, and… life—the ongoing dailies that make for the seeming evaporation of days.

I’ve got lots more to post but no time… too bizzy for bloggin’

  November 5, 2003  A couple of our “olders” went to see a movie… not something that’s often done in our family—but allowed on occasion.  The occasion for this allowance was to see the film: Luther.  It’s a precarious position for parents to decide which is fine and which is completely inappropriate—there was a space of time in which we were absolutely not to go or allow any of our youngsters to go to a movie theater.  Our rationale was that other patrons at the Cineplex would not know which movie we were heading in to see or exiting from. Five or ten years or so of this was burdensome as there were occasionally one or two movies we really wanted to see—movies that were IMHO or in my not-so-humble opinion, fine—even beneficial.  So rather than allow the pendulum to powerfully swing to the opposite extreme (blowing off any restriction whatsoever) we took a more rational, conservative approach and now *occasionally* allow a movie to be viewed.  Our [legalistic] fervor was sincere, but it was: legalistic.  So, then, how do you determine which is best some movies? All movies under a particular rating?No movies? No movies where people might [will] see you?  Only mail-order home videos?  Ahhh what a challenge for parents.  A couple of things help us make our decision… the first and foremost being: will Jesus be comfortable sitting in on the viewing and will this do harm to the testimony of Christ?   Ways we utilize to make decisions are through reviews either in print, or on the net.  Two sites help us: Plugged In Online and Screen It.  Now, my EXTREME caution about Screen It is that it is very very graphic about describing scenes in movies—the number of incidents, words, partially spelled swear words, etc.  I used this when seeking discernment on a ‘war’ film—understood, then, the nature of the movie, etc., etc.
  November 4, 2003  I’m thankful to live in the area we do—not only because of the beauty, but also because of the proximity to so many places we end up needing to go.  Today I’m grateful to live near to the Children’s Hospital in Seattle our little daughter had an appointment with an Audiologist.   She’s been to several docs in an attempt to ascertain & diagnose her problem.  She’s deaf in her left
ear and the thought was that she might be a candidate for a sort of “FM” system whereby a person [teacher, speaker, etc.] would wear a microphone and our little one would have an aid that would allow her to clearly hear what the speaker was saying.  Trouble is… in her life, there are so many ‘speakers’ that we’d constantly be switching the mic and it would be more of a problem than a benefit.  So, after hearing what the audiologist suggested, we came away feeling like we would just continue our course.  As we understand it, the other alternative, a hearing aid for the ‘good’ ear would be cumbersome and she’d quickly reject it.  I’ll be reading over the literature they offered us, and hopefully, I’ll post the highlights on our Medical page soon.

Think you don’t have an impact on what goes on in the media?  Think again! Your voice is not obscured by distance or by the walls of your home—if you’re willing to do a little calling or writing, that is.  From the little I’ve heard about the contents of the miniseries on the Reagan’s I’d say the character assassination and inaccuracies portrayed on film is reprehensible!  In one venue, Some 22,000 people made their voice heard.  O, the bias of the media—the lies of the enemy, the work to distort and destroy is appalling.  This, with judicial tyranny, is the sickening, eye-opening reality of those who oppose God. It may be that when you have a problem with your computer and the screen goes black—the black screen does not care and hears nothing—but collectively, voices in opposition to lies in the media will be heard!
Now, don’t just bang your head on the keyboarddo something better: use it for good!!

THRILL OF THRILLS!  My son was working with an old computer and on it was an old hard-drive… ahhh the thrill of seeing old files… files several years old, I’d totally forgotten about!  But, oh the LORD is merciful to me… ever gracious and kind.  I smiled as I saw different old things I’d been disappointed to have lost.  Timothy said now, these are like hieroglyphics—I don’t care they are old… I’m pleased to have them.  I don’t know if this system can read them… or however that goes —-and this does nothing for the few year’s worth of files lost–but, nonetheless, it’s a joy and delight to me!  So… no time for bloggin!  I’ve gotta try to sort through some files… who knows, maybe I’ll come across an article that’ll be just right for you!  I’ll post things on pages as I’m able!  Here’s a pic of our birthday boy and brother!  We were singing a rousing round of Happy Birthday!

  November 3, 2003  Ahhh… a new month—and is it ever crispy cold!!  We’ve started the month off at a running pace!  We had the joy of attending a wedding on Saturday and celebrating our son’s tenth birthday yesterday!  I love celebrations!  This particular child is especially fun to prepare for because his appreciation is so great and so sincere.  He’s a bit more quiet than the rest and yet, there’re always deep thoughts resulting in profound statements!  He’s a grateful child and so my desire or any efforts to please him are rewarded greatly!  We had a good time the other day as I had asked him what he’d like for his birthday dinner… pouring over the cookbooks, he decided on roast and red potatoes with garlic & herbs, also ambrosia and Caesar salad—oh, and garlic bread, too.  Oh, my, all the delicious white food I passed over!

I must tell you of a white food I did NOT pass over at the wedding reception on Saturday.  You must try it sometime!  When we returned home, the first thing I did [really!!] was to get on the net to look up this recipe!  Russian Cream! Oh, my! It was just delicious.  Near as I can tell, this is the recipe for  Russian Cream—I can’t wait to try it.  It is THE white food I will indulge and eat!  🙂  I’ll make it for our next gathering… I know everyone will be just delighted! 

So… now I have been thinking again of gifts to make for the holidays ahead… my first stop was this site for candle making. You know, I was looking for easy and safe things… as I have many eager crafters… and I must guard against accidents at the hands of curious youngers! The olders [that’s what I call my older four at home] can handle much more than the youngers [that’s what I call the younger five].  I am thinking of a gift for each of our family members… it will sort of *seem* generic… but that’s not my intention at all… I just think they’d all really like the gift!


Okay… so here we go… another month of bloggin… and off to a good start!  —many blessings, pamela   Our Welcome Page

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