THM… Seriously.

teacuppamelaYou know what?  I like the Trim Healthy Mama (diet) plan.  Seriously.  I like it enough to think I’ll always like this plan.  Seriously.  And the reason I keep saying, seriously, is because I believe this plan can only be a benefit if it’s taken seriously.   I can, at this early stage of the plan see the importance of seriousness.  And I can also easily see that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail on this plan.  I finally see the reason for and the wisdom behind the size and weight and cost of this book and the length of time it took Pearl and Serene to write it.  It’s meant to be taken seriously.  Seriously, the plan is meant to be followed: seriously.

I’m guessing that this all might sound like I’m just playing around in order to see how many times and ways I might use the word, seriously.  Trust me, I’m not.  I guess I really and truly want to communicate that it’s not a plan to be dabbled with or that it’s not a plan to be taken lightly and  it’s not a plan to be undertaken without serious preparation.   There’s so much more to the book and plan than simply eating foods in correct combinations… more to it than “dieting” or eating lower carbs…  more to it than eliminating sugar or honey or white flour or potatoes or corn or whatever other high-glycemic index food you might think of.

Our local variety store annually sets up a huge school supplies section and taped to the shelves that are loaded with every kind of pen, pencil, paper, notebook, eraser, etc., etc., that you might think of are lists provided by local school teachers for what is expected for each student to purchase and bring with them to school each new school year.  The teachers are planners and they are serious about preparing students in advance with what will be expected of them.  This thought has come to me a number of times as I’ve come across yet another thing I don’t yet have in my Trim Healthy Kitchen.  I have a running supply list of food items I’m slowly acquiring.   And while I initially did have many of the necessary foods to follow the plan — I did not have a lot of ingredients to follow the plan successfully or seriously.  With each passing day I’m discovering more and more the investment of time and the depth of planning that went into this book and why it’s referred to a plan and not a diet.  Seriously.

So, this is my in advance encouragement if you’re planning to buy the Trim Healthy Mama book or if you think you’ll make it fine without spending the $35. to buy the book or if you think you’ll wing it with ingredients you have on hand in your pantry or fridge.   Sincerely, you won’t be able to work the plan if you don’t study it and if you’re not prepared.  Seriously.

If you really wanna be a THM… it’s going to cost you and you’re going to have to take it seriously.  It practically goes without saying: I know, for me, healthwise not planning was costing me a whole lot more than this new planning.  Seriously.

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