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Each year, about this time, I refer to a “Christmas” page I created on our website and though it’s probably been up (and rarely updated) for the last ten or twelve years, it remains a great resource for me — and I hope it will be for you, too.  Regardless how you spend the holidays or Christmastime, there are, no doubt, special things you like to incorporate into your days and evenings with your family.  These special things might be traditions or celebrations, family recipes or gifts you prepare and send.

Whatever the case, as always, we mothers need to remember (and be often reminded) that it won’t matter so much to our children all the stuff we did, all the things we made, all the places we went… they’ll most remember how it all felt –– how we felt about them.  This is a painful time of year for many women… it’s an anxious time of year for still more… but! But we can still have joy and we can still give our families the love and devotion they deserve from mama.  Joy isn’t the absence of pain or regret or whatever —————– joy is the presence of Jesus.  Joy is the present of Jesus.  Be present.

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Gifts from your heart & home

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