So, I made it.

teacuppamela.png Like I’ve been saying, I never thought I’d live this long.  I’m so glad I was wrong about that and am so grateful to God that He’s given me the life and family He has.  I’m grateful for the opportunity of my life.  I so want it to mean something and in the end I want it to have been lived well. 

So, today’s been a sweet day — I’ll post some details and photos soon — but it’s late now and I’m just spending a bit of time reflecting on all that’s happened. It’s really been a wonderful day… a wonderful, wonderful day week of celebrating in many ways the many things this birthday means to me. But for now, I’ll just have to dream about all these wonderful things as I drift off to sleep… finally fifty… and I’ll have to dream about what the Lord might have for the second half century of my life.

Thanks for the wonderful greetings and letters.  I appreciate them very much.  God bless you all, dear readers.  Sleep well.  Live well.  Finish well.


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