The Way I See It #296

  stbx.jpg My friend surprised me with a delicious Sbx this morning.  What a yummy treat and wonderful way to start the day!  Sbx coffees haven’t been part of my ‘diet regimen’ lately, but today I obviously had to make concessions for… well, what could I have done?  Tell my dear friend, no thanks, I’m dieting… what?  are you crazy? no… no… no… not me! 

So… yum… it’s as delicious now, one hour later, reheated just a tad… and here’s what it says:

quotebegin.gifBy the time executives get married
take on a mortgage, raise kids, cope
with crabgrass, climb the
corporate ladder, do their best to
manage career pressures, build
their net worth and get into their
40’s, they’ve lost touch with what
they believe in and care about
most deeply.”
–Allan Cox

I’d sort of dislike attempting to liken motherhood to corporate life — I’m not one to attempt jazz up the description of “occupation” when filling out forms. I don’t look to cleverly describe my life as a domestic engineer, in product research and development, nursing, transportation, nutritionist… etc., etc.  No, I never do all that.  I never attempt to describe my life or define it using corporate terms — there just aren’t common terms to define or describe motherhood — none that would be sufficient, anyway.

When I read the cup today… I mulled over that Starbucks The Way I See It #296 quote… and I thought of parallels to mothers who spend decades building the kites, making sure the spines are straight, the covers are properly stretched, mending the tears and broken frames, reinforcing the structures over and over and then slowly lengthening the tails and strengthening the line… releasing and unwinding little by little and then when the line is fully extended from the reel… knowing when to cut the line and put the reel away.


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