Hard to sleep… I’m a mother.

teacuppamela.png Coyotes are whining and howling in the field.  They sound horrible and shrill — like someone is trying to kill them (sometimes I wish someone would).  Sounds seem magnified tonight… the dishwasher, the washing machine, the dryer, the icemaker and the water refilling it.  O, and the coyotes.  Suddenly, they’ve become quiet.  Maybe my neighbour said, that’s it…

I have been mulling over the bailout plan the senate is expected to vote on tomorrow.  I consider many silly scenarios and some sensible ones — several I have written to my reps and sens in the last few days.   Now, I’m no poli-sci major, nor econ major either, for that matter.  But I’m a mother and over the years, mothers figure things out pretty well.  I don’t know any mothers who are thinking this “bailout” or rescue is any sort of a sensible idea.

Mothers quickly learn the mechanics of supply and demand… they understand that the supply never seems to be adequate for the demand — but they don’t usually look for a bailout – they deal with lack of food, lack of sleep, lack of finances, lack of energy, lack of clothing that fits, lack of ability or whatever else is lacking and they figure out way to make it – to make ends meet, to adjust, to stretch, to flex, to wait or to go without.  It’s that simple.

Can you imagine a mother going to school where her teenage boy is a failing student and taking him on her lap and telling the teacher that she, herself, will be doing the assignments and taking the tests so that he won’t fail?

I mull this over… Wall Street is sort of comprised of investors — investments make the wheels of Wall Street turn.  Government has no business directing or redirecting or bailing out Wall Street — Wall Street will take care of itself if it’s not ‘bailed out’ and if investors taxes are not increased.  Simple supply and demand.  So what if wealth in this country will decline some – does the government, by going through with a bailout, possibly think that going further into debt will make or keep this country ‘rich’?  It’s crazy… all we can do is patiently wait and watch and pray.

Well… still can’t sleep.  It’s hard you know… to go to sleep when attempting to run the country the children aren’t all in yet… I’m a mother… patiently waiting… watching… praying.


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