I have written about this reMARKable couple some time ago…  Andrew & Grace have faced an extremely arduous ordeal with  Andrew having cancer  in the last year.  Please, please remember him in prayer – that God would comfort him, ease his pain and, if it would be His will to heal him, pray God’s swift and merciful healing would be done in and through Andrew.

As you read the testimony of their lives in the blog entries of Grace’s Journal, you will be blessed by the faith and trust in the Lord and His sovereign grace.  They’re such a young couple… facing things in their young life – young marriage – young family – that most people never face in a lifetime.   When Andrew learned he had cancer in his mouth… he and Grace embarked on what has proven to be a very, very painful and difficult journey.

The story begins with January ’07  journal entries.  The entries chronicle the highs and lows of the journey and throughout, you will see the tracing of the Hand of the Lord and His provision, His mercy and love.   And their deep abiding love for Him and one another.

Please join the many who are in prayer for them and also for their families;  thank you.    I suppose much prayer is needed on behalf of so many.  We have friends here locally who are very close to Andrew and Grace and so this is also a very heavy time for them as they watch and wait for updates.

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