Heard at our house today…

(one boy to Mama) What are you going to make for dessert? (to take to friend’s house)
(one boy to no one in particular) O, make brownies!

quotebegin.gifNo, no! Brownies are just rude.”

He went on to share how brownies never seem to go over very well as far as a clean house goes and maybe mrs. _____ wouldn’t like that mess very much. Have you ever seen children eat brownies and not make all those spots on the floor?

I smiled. Then I laughed that that son voiced my sentiments concerning brownies and what they require of other people (most of the time) when a group mingles with brownies in hand. So, if you were wondering what to serve for dessert… maybe you’ll laugh when you think of serving brownies. And if you’re going to someone else’s house and you don’t know them very well, well, maybe skip the brownies. Remember, they’re just rude.

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