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I thought it appropriate to clarify something in regard to my previous entry: Birthcontrol at Mars Hill.  First, I’d be remiss if I didn’t quickly say that I think Mark Driscoll is a good teacher and sound in doctrine.   I think he handles societal issues well — though differently than I might.  But so what.  I don’t live in Seattle anymore.  Near, but not in.

I also want to clarify that my entry was in regards only to that particular sermon on birthcontrol and his personal views and teaching on that particular matter (though I tend to believe that his teaching and personal application are not necessarily exactly the same).  I believe he must, as a compassionate teacher, feel the need to be lenient – or compassionate to reach those for whom there are no easy answers.  And… I’ll give him that – bcz, face it, we’re all lenient at times regardless of what we think we resolutely believe or think we’d say or do in a given situation.  Faced with it, we might not necessarily do what we resolutely say we would do.   So — given more time to mull over what he said, I understand why he takes the broader lane of the narrow path.  Okay… so… Mars Hill.  In my previous blog entry, I was just alluding to some of his comments on birthcontrol and the biblical rational or mandate regarding its use or practice or prohibition.  Those are some things I might question.  But as for the general teaching and theology of Mars Hill.  Fine; just fine.  I think what one might glean by listening to his teaching would be profitable and insightful.  So, yeah — hope that doesn’t make things clear a mud.

And, by the way,  the Seattle Mars Hill Church is in no way affiliated with Rob Bell’s Mars Hill in Michigan.

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