Cooking for a large family

teacuppamela.pngI thought I’d share a bit about cooking today for a large family. Oooops, wait a minute… you might just call it: cooking for a family with lots of chairs around the table. I’m getting a little sensitive to the term large family… you know… what with the need to be on another umpteenth-and-one diet and all. Okay… so here’s a little bit of my TNT advice for you:

TNT advice is Tried ‘n True

LEARN TO COOK IN DOUBLES. When you make special meals, MAKE TWO: ONE TO SERVE AND ONE TO SAVE. When you cook meat, grate cheese, chop onions, make breads, make cookies, or whatever: ALWAYS THINK AHEAD… Think in terms of TOMORROW’s food needs! Think ahead about what’s ahead and plan for it by cooking for it. REALLY… cooking ahead will save you LOADS of time and money. Try it… you will see and you will not be disappointed. This is not like some cottage industry that you put out oodles of time and then discover that you have only made a few dollars in a year!

REALLY! Try cooking in quantity… you will have less waste, less trips to the store, less impulse buying, less mess, less wasted time, less frustration over what to fix for dinner, less guilt over what you didn’t use in time or what you could have made but didn’t. Buy quantity, cook quantity and serve quality meals. Really… whatever you call it: freezer cooking, mega cooking, quantity cooking, cooking ahead… it doesn’t matter what you call it, just do it. Even if you don’t do it “just right” or how you think other women do it… just do it. Make a few and try it; then another time double what you did before… and then, before you know it, your freezer will be like a treasure trove… filled with time savers and your cook and serve/cook and save method will be a life saver to you and a blessing to your family! By the way, that concern over doing things the way you think other women do them? Forget it. It’s a myth. Most moms are just like you… doing the best they can with what they’ve got at the time. Just glean what you can and forget the rest. Today’s a good day to start…

Remember TNT… tried ‘n true; these are things that have benefited other women; but you need to do what you can at the time… but stretch a little: TNT (try new things).


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