prayers for conception

Week after week we receive them… prayer requests and tearful letters from sisters and brothers in the Lord who are seeking prayer for conception and pregnancy. Most of the time the requests are from women who’ve never borne children and long for a baby — long to be a mother and have a family to raise and care for. Other times the requests are from women who’ve borne a child or children and have not been blessed with more. Some have PCOS, some have other issues that prevent conception or length of pregnancy and still others request prayer for change of heart and reversal of vasectomies or tubal ligations. Whatever the case, there are so many heartaches over the barren womb.

I post the requests as I receive them in the Guestbook entries or personal letters. I often ask sisters & brothers to remember these aching hearts before the Lord… and that, if it would be His will, HE will open their wombs and give them conception. For them and for His glory.

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