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As God by creation made two of one,
so again by marriage He made one of two.

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Gifts from your ♥ home

Each year, about this time, I refer to a “Christmas” page I created on our website and though it’s probably been up (and rarely updated) for the last ten or twelve years, it remains a great resource for me — and I hope it will be for you, too. Regardless how you spend the holidays or Christmastime, there are, no doubt, special things you like to incorporate into your days and evenings with your family. These special things might be traditions or celebrations,

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More Foodie Stuff

I intended to add a few items to my foodie travels post… and inadvertently pressed ‘publish’ instead of ‘save to drafts.’ So, there it went… and so did a few days. :o)

I wanted to add a couple more sites and a tutorial for fresh pumpkin for this week’s pumpkin pies. Since I’ve never made more than a couple of ‘tutorials’ — and those were not even video tutorials — I had to search for what I thought was closest to what I’d make. So, here you go:


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Love every day

For the month of October (and surely, I pray, beyond) I’m determined to love every day. Now, that could read: I’m determined to love every day or I’m determined to love every day. I’m conscious of this double meaning or double intent and, therefore, have decided to aim to graciously pass through/live in/focus on living each day of this month on purpose. I had come across an article, then a book and then a radio program (surely not be accident — and by the third time I

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A Well Stocked Pantry and a PPP List

You might consider taking a good look into your pantry… what you’ve got on hand, what do you use most often and what’s lacking?

Then, if you have them, take a look at your most recent grocery receipts – most stores give enough description for you to cipher what’s on the receipt. This is probably the easiest way to start a food pantry shopping/stock list. A well stocked pantry is invaluable for many reasons — not only does it save you a great deal on so many

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a gardener’s journal

May I suggest….

A gardener’s journal… or a summer log… a season’s log…

I’m making one of these so that I can keep a running log of what’s going on in the garden — and what’s *supposed* to be going on ~wink~ in the garden.

As an example… my entries are including what’s being picked now, what I need to do as far as clean-up, storage, etc., etc. I’m dividing a simple notebook into sections — a section for an overview of

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Untangling the wwWeb

Untangling from an internet bound life is sort of like limiting coffee consumption (but worse. so much worse). You might not even know you’re addicted to caffeine until you attempt to go without it for a day — or, okay, a morning without it. And then, if you’re addicted, you know it. You really know it. Your pounding headache constantly reminds you.

It’s hard. It’s actually painful — very painful — at first… and then, enduring the pain, you see a few days pass and the pain

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What’s a mother to do?

Dear Sister, First, I want to thank you for writing — for it is in acknowledging our condition and in seeing our need that we can best affirm and apply, by the grace of God, the help or teaching we receive.

Second, though this may not be helpful, you’re not alone and your situation or your “dilemma” is not unusual. The devil may attempt to tell you otherwise, but what you’ve written is common to women who both come home from the “work-force” *and* who’ve been trained

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what’s a mother to do (part 2)

(This is part 2 of the post What’s a mother to do?)

Remember, you are a book that’s being written every day… and your husband and children are reading it. Your story, in part, is defining their lives. Let the Lord be the author and finisher of your faith.

You may resent (as many women do) that no one ever told you the truth about marriage, wives, motherhood and being a keeper at home. You may also resent that you were persuaded to pursue a career

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Graciously interrupted

I consider things for which I want to be remembered in life. Obviously, as a believer, I want to be remembered as a godly woman, I want to be remembered as a faithful wife and a loving mother. I most want this to be observed by my husband and family — from my bathrobe behaviour to my apron work behaviour to my garden clothes behaviour to my dress and jacket behaviour. Regardless my outward adornment, my activity or accomplishment or present company, I desire to be in

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Doing a new thing

Based on past performance, many of us can attest that doing a new thing is hard. This is where some of us fall off the cliff — or don’t even try! It takes determination to not allow past performance to thwart us from trying or doing a new thing!

Doing a new thing is tough. Especially when that new thing takes will power or money — few of us have much of either. And, as we age, we have this daunting fear that past results

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