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Tag: Christian Womanhood Motherhood: A Call to Carry On

Carry on.  When you’re drop dead tired and there’re still several hours and as many chores left to do at the end of the day: Carry on.  When you have so much to do you don’t know how you’ll do it all: Carry on.  When you have so many needs to fill and seemingly not enough resources to fill them all: Carry on.  When you’re weary and successes are few and failures are many: Carry on.  When you feel all alone and as if no one cares for what you do: Carry on.  Carry on, Mother, carry on!  Motherhood’s a continue reading

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Tag: Christian Womanhood Wherever you are: begin (again) there.

Now, this seems like such simplistic advice — it’s so obvious that it’s almost laughable.  But when you stop and think about it, it’s true for lots of us that we cannot start fresh when we’re in the middle of something — or that because we’ve already messed up the beginning or have failed to accomplish the previous task, we’re sort of stuck into thinking we cannot just pick up and move on. At the thrift store (or in my cabinet) I occasionally see notebooks or  undated planners that have writing or notes in the first few pages.  You know, continue reading

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Tag: Christian Womanhood 2013… Endeavors

It’s a new year, a clean, fresh start… be done with lesser things, be a woman who seeks joy, peace and love — start today doing foundational things… and what are these, where can they be found, Who is the Source?  The source is Jesus… Faith in the Living Lord Jesus and being found in Him… daily looking to Him; daily abiding in Him; daily watching at His gates and following in His Steps.  All of these “Endeavor-To-Be’s” are nothing if not founded upon the Faith of Jesus and His Life in and through us — know this “in my continue reading

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