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The years teach much which the days never knew.
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

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from Joel Rosenberg’s blog

I am posting this post in its entirety — more’s going on than all post-election messes, the CIA mess, and whatever else is being reported as a “top story” in the news… Eyes on Israel… this is top news.



IDF retaliates by hitting 70 terror sites in one hour. Ground offensive being planned. 30,000 reservists being mobilized. Casualties rising.

Joel C. Rosenberg

(Netanya, Israel, November 16, 2012) — It is just after midnight on Friday morning here in

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You know I’ve written about internet addition… e-mail… group list mail addiction… AOL… Geocities… One-List… eGroups… screen addiction… information addiction… whatever could be looked up… early on: Ask Jeeves. Bling. Ask him… ask him anything. Then Yahoo, then Google… click, click, click… Bling. You’ve got mail… Bling! Click, click, click… Blogs! Bling! Facebook. Bling! Pinterest. Bling!

I write what I’m learning… I share what I see, what I experience, what God is teaching me. You know; through a series of trials, disappointments and losses I was

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that book

In the arena of hot topics in Christian circles since the first of the year, that book is getting a lot of press. It’s been common to hear, have you read the book yet? Or, what do you think about the Driscoll’s new book? Ironically, it’s as if it’s the first time such a book’s been offered in Christian circles — though it certainly is not. I remember similar discussions in the late ’70’s regarding a book with marriage revving suggestions totally for women. But this new book

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It’s a Time to Rejoice

Through the years we’ve celebrated “Christmastime” many different ways — some years a little, some years more. A family tradition here and a family tradition there, but no set (read: unchangeable) tradition. I think this comes from a mixed reaction to cultural influence/cultural traditions. It also comes from an ongoing inner debate: should believers celebrate Christmas? We’d immediately say: Yes, we should celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, but that’s not really the question when people ask: should Christians celebrate “Christmas.” They’re asking: should

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The Love of the Truth

Can you believe we’re living in these days? That in the history of the world — His-story — we’re alive in these days! Remarkable! Truly remarkable! These thoughts and more came to me while reading in 2 Thessalonians 2 and elsewhere today.

All over the world there are great surges of sensational events — and they truly are worldwide; the world is in chaos. And the catastrophes are piling up! The multifaceted cataclysmic tragedy in Japan seems to me to be a great picture of these

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the battle to expose corruption

The story – the battle – the man – taking on the “biggest organized crime syndicate in the country.” Phill Kline’s courageous battle to expose and take down Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood (an oxymoron if I ever heard one!) is attempting to destroy this innocent man. It’s attempting to do to this man what it does to millions of innocent children every year.

Go to the site and read… Go to the site and listen to the February 15th webcast. Honestly, if you’ve not been reading about the heinous practices

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“Off the Face of the Earth”

My husband reads to us at night. He has done this for many, many years. The things he reads don’t always sound like they’re going to be the most interesting and certainly not necessarily ‘entertaining.’ I’m always glad for what he reads, though. It’s never a waste of time — far from it.

Last night he read us a story — the incredible story of survival of a group of Holocaust Survivors… who escaped certain death by hiding in one of the world’s largest caves. You can read this story

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The Dollar Bubble

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Leave it to Levi Strauss & Co to be at the forefront…

Of some sort of trend or controversy or something… These are just some things I’ve been mulling over since seeing a Levi’s ad.

Do you s’pose this just might be a boon to the company — a marvelous marketing campaign that just might bolster sagging retail sales?

I appreciate the seeming change of heart at LS & Co — or the affirmation that men — hard working men — not social causes, have built their company. That, or someone in their ad department had a brilliant idea to market

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Sweetest Day

It is the third Saturday of October — Sweetest Day. For many people, for many reasons, today is [the] Sweetest Day.

I’m thinking that, after reading an article about an abortionist who was gripped with the reality of what abortion really is, maybe some will make a decision, on this Sweetest Day, to decide/admit/repent once and for all that abortion is murder of a precious little baby — and to, from henceforth, recognize and proclaim the truth of abortion and admit the heinous atrocity of destroying human life and the

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Thank you for joining me here today, may the Lord bless you and your home.