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We may experience things that seem as though we're 'finished' -- we may think that nothing good could possibly come from whatever is happening, whatever we're going through, from whatever way we've failed or whatever is happening with our children, our work -- our seeming fruitless lives. But in the Hand of the Potter we may see great usefulness, great restoration, great faith may be shaped, great purpose may be presented... for His glory and our good. "The things which happened unto me have fallen out rather unto the furtherance of the gospel." Philippians 1.12

the subtle shift

January 6, 2006

It’s so subtle and is happening so slowly and smoothly that it’s hardly noticeable to some people—the faint shift from day to day to the acceptance of immorality. Think for a moment about the church growth “movement” of the last decade or two. Consider the shift from Christ centered to man centered theology and from Biblical principles to marketing strategies for growth. Then take into account the music that fills the minds and the airwaves… no longer Christcentric but egocentric. Consider the shift

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It’s easy to forget some things.

It’s easy to forget some things — many things — really.

It’s especially easy to forget things in a moment of panic, in the tyranny of the urgent or after a long span of time. Or, in an obituary. Or at a memorial service.

I’m thinking you know what I mean. Attending numerous funerals and memorial services through the years has kept this thought pretty fresh in my mind. Time has a way of softening rough edges in some relationships — sharpening them in others — and

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The Love of the Truth

Can you believe we’re living in these days? That in the history of the world — His-story — we’re alive in these days! Remarkable! Truly remarkable! These thoughts and more came to me while reading in 2 Thessalonians 2 and elsewhere today.

All over the world there are great surges of sensational events — and they truly are worldwide; the world is in chaos. And the catastrophes are piling up! The multifaceted cataclysmic tragedy in Japan seems to me to be a great picture of these

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Thank you for joining me here today, may the Lord bless you and your home.