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THM Jetpack

Last week as I was describing the beginnings of Trim Healthy Mama and the food plan, I alluded to the printed supply lists that teachers send to the local stores to post in the school supply aisles. These lists not only help parents to select the specific supplies their child(ren) will need, but it also ensures that each student will come to school prepared for whatever the teacher’s lessons will require. Filling their backpacks with the right supplies and tools will set them on the path for successful learning and, hopefully, successful completion of the coming assignments. Ongoing

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THM Jetpack (part two)

Regarding the THM Jetpack, first: remember that the Jetpack itself is prayerful resolve (THM Jetpack part one). Now, let’s tackle what’s in the Jetpack.

Besides your Bible & journal, start with the book: Trim Healthy Mama. Don’t misunderstand, while the book will add some $ignificant weight to the Jetpack, it won’t be all you need to work the plan; it is the “class material” you’ll need for the journey, but contrary to what you might think, it won’t be the all you need and it’s not the most expensive part of the “diet” plan. Okay,

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THM… Seriously.

You know what? I like the Trim Healthy Mama (diet) plan. Seriously. I like it enough to think I’ll always like this plan. Seriously. And the reason I keep saying, seriously, is because I believe this plan can only be a benefit if it’s taken seriously. I can, at this early stage of the plan see the importance of seriousness. And I can also easily see that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail on this plan. I finally see the reason for and the wisdom behind the size and weight and cost of this book

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THM… so much hope

As I press on, on the THM (Trim Healthy Mama) journey, I have so much hope. I have so much hope bcz I’m so not alone and I’m so not seeing this as a diet but a different way of approaching health and nutrition. I say this bcz I’ve experienced so many diets in the past. And the difference, for me, with Trim Healthy Mama (after this, THM), is that it’s not a limited time diet. By this I mean, it’s not the lemonade-type diet or the military-type diet or the mama with a wayward child/depression diet or

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Discipline… THM

It seems to me that nothing spotlights the will or the flesh quite like discipline. I’ve found (yet again) that I surely relate well to the Biblical passage regarding the willing spirit and weak flesh. Though that passage doesn’t necessarily relate to undisciplined eating, it does relate to the flesh and its incredible weakness under temptation.

Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Matthew 26.41

As I sojourn on the THM path (Trim Healthy Mama), each day I find new

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Beginning the THM Journey

As I’ve begun the THM (Trim Healthy Mama) journey, I’m surprised how easy it has been to change my eating *lifestyle* bcz, seriously, food is a lifestyle with me — and I know it is very much so for many other mamas.  Food speaks volumes for most mamas… it says, I love you… I care about you… I’m thinking of you… I’m celebrating with you… I am making memories memories with and for you… setting traditions you’ll carry on in your own homes some day.  Food says: welcome home.

Events of most days are food related. 

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Trim Healthy Mama

I’ve recently been on a new journey to *health!*  And, you know what the hardest part has been?  Deciding to take the first step WITH the intent to take each next step on the same journey.  So, if you’re not feeling well, if weight-gain or extra weight has plagued you—–and more importantly, if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, maybe a new plan is in order for you, too.  It was/is for me and so I’ve begun this journey to health and healthy weight.  It’s incredibly easy…

So why am I including the

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