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Our House Our Welcome Home

♫ Never_Walk_Alone

We stepped inside the front doorway of our new house nineteen years ago. From that moment, this nearly one hundred year old farmhouse felt like home to me. In my notebook that I carried most everywhere I went was a page of notes — prayer requests, actually. And among those requests were *specific details — astonishingly, right before my eyes, most everything in and about this home that day. I realized that the Lord had, in His merciful kindness allowed me to write that

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Sincerely wrong. The IBLP-ATI Years.

Another IBLP/ATI article has surfaced… and brings to mind so many memories tonight. As many of you know, for several years, beginning in the late eighties, our family was involved in attending and subscribing to the Institute in Basic Life Principles and then for a few years with the home school program, ATI – the Advanced Training Institute. It is very easy to distance ourselves from both IBLP & ATI today — but there was a time in the early days, it would have been unthinkable (I’ve written

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By The Grace of God

My mind floods with memories today — memories of days, years, decades gone by. So many days, so many memories — so much grace the Lord has lavished on me through the gift of our firstborn daughter.

Two precious sons were born to us before the Lord gifted us all with this great treasure — this inestimable gift. I’m ever mindful that without her, I’d never have made it through. I’m blessed by this–I’m humbled by this. So very humbled by the grace of God in

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A blogger’s loss & gain

Hardly a week goes by that I don’t think (or mutter aloud) that this or that blog or twitter account will have a crash. In just a matter of time there will be an incident or an avalanche of incidents that will take a blogger to an intersection in her life where she’ll be broadsided some Thursday afternoon and she’ll sit on the floor, head in her hands, crying out to God for His mercy. But for now, she doesn’t ask for help because she doesn’t know she

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Married for Keeps – The Treasure

May the LORD be with you and bless you this day! He is so gracious to us all and His mercies are new every morning. I share this before I share my letter with you because I know that each time I share a letter on marriage, there are sisters whose hearts are breaking and the pain of marital difficulties weighs heavily on them. So it is with this in mind that I write and pray to offer a bit of hope today. What I’m sharing with you today is

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Married For Keeps

You know, some ways of the LORD are very easy to accept and then there’re times when His way is a bit more challenging and the price seems a bit higher, perhaps a price too steep for us to consent to give. But, you know, in those times His mercy and grace seem greater. These are the proving grounds, these are the testings of our faith. I used to think that the testing of our faith was part trickery and part unrealistic expectation, something akin to being doomed

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In Three Hours

The beauty of a plan is the presence of accompanying grace. I think this is true with most any plan. Well, except for plans with deadlines, specific time frames, appointments, etc.

So it is, with the Trim Healthy Mama “plan” for health and optimal weight or finding your trim. With grace.

Grace doesn’t mean carelessness, though. And it doesn’t mean neglect. I know that. Now.

The result of neglecting the plan is sort of like how money evaporates in California. Or

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THM or A Plan On The Shelf

October 17, 2013 I received my book… and I wrote about the THM journey here with additional entries following. I wasn’t so much seeking to be a trim healthy mama as much as I was determined to be a healthy mama who happened to figure out how to be and remain disciplined and trim.

I had such determination and such confidence. And success, too. Life happened. And failure.

This morning I’m cleaning up from a few different events in the last several days and all I

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The Current Truth

I began working on my new This Beautiful Life journal/planner/notebook, and once again I’m stymied by my answers. I see the designated spaces for specific answers and am reticent to write mine down.

My tendency is to be very tentative about what goals I write (thinking if I write it, I’ll be committed to doing it). One day I might only write a few goals — another day I might write down things that would take two lifetimes to accomplish. My abstract sequential / concrete

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What if You knew You were Dying?

Have you ever asked yourself what you’d do if you knew you were dying? Or, how would you live differently if you knew this year was your last year to live? I was talking with my friend on the phone this morning and as I was recounting different ongoing family situations, I related that even though we had a real “wake-up call” last summer, we haven’t changed things we do or don’t do all that much. As I hung up the phone, it occurred to me that

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Thank you for joining me here today, may the Lord bless you and your home.