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that book

In the arena of hot topics in Christian circles since the first of the year, that book is getting a lot of press. It’s been common to hear, have you read the book yet? Or, what do you think about the Driscoll’s new book? Ironically, it’s as if it’s the first time such a book’s been offered in Christian circles — though it certainly is not. I remember similar discussions in the late ’70’s regarding a book with marriage revving suggestions totally for women. But this new book is so now, and it’s so cool to be so

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The Vacant Chair

I’ve entitled this blog entry The Vacant Chair — a title that’s not original with me, but the title of a poem I’ll add to this post in a moment. The poem was written by a dear saint, the husband of a precious friend who passed into heaven earlier this year.

It’s interesting that the poem should come in the mail today… as I have been thinking of several different ones who have ‘vacant chairs’ at their tables again this year. I think of the mothers and fathers who stand at the glass watching for the

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Springtime came…

I smile as I look back and recall a blog entry I wrote on the 22nd of March called Springtime… seasons. At the end of that post I wrote: “… And I can truly say that God has had the sweetest surprises in store for me following some of the seemingly most barren seasons. Praise the Lord. He only does all things well. May I never take this for granted.”

Additionally, in that post I included the lyrics of a song Spring Time’s Comin’ that’s surely become even more meaningful to me since that post

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Thirty three and a quarter years ago today, Wes and I were married in SanFrancisco. The glow we had that 4th day of February truly was the glow of love, but it was also the glow of a high fever — a fever that led us to go to the doctor for meds and a fever that led to us to cancel our honeymoon plans to go to Hawaii — to Maui.

We’ve often commented over the years that we knew the Lord was in control of those plans — those cancellations — and had

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Could this be *the* year for you?

Could This Be *The* Year For You?

“If ye love Me, keep My commandments.” —John 14.15

O, sisters in the LORD—could this be *the* year for you?

This is when the real change will occur… when we finally seek to know and to live the truths of God’s Word…when we lay our lives at His feet, when we give Him everything we’ve held on to: hands down… when we accept and apply the teaching of the Lord Jesus—demonstrating our love for Him by our obedience to Him… When we finally reckon with: If you love Me you

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