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Tag: Planner Write It All Down Before You Forget

If you spend time with me… you know it won’t be very long before you notice me writing something down.  I write lots of notes — I even write notes about notes. Well, tonight in this “write it all down before you forget” blog entry, I actually want to encourage you to add more to your kitchen counter journal  or your kitchen log.  If you don’t have one, may I encourage you do get a notebook — preferably an inexpensive, but thick, “half sheet size” spiral notebook that you can keep in your kitchen to record your daily chores and activities, calls, appointments, lists, etc.  I know this might seem archaic to women who think palm-pilots are old relics and who don’t even use a PC anymore  — but seriously, there’s something about pen and paper — the visual and tangible. So, what you might want to do is write continue reading

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Tag: Planner for the woman in the mirror

Facing the woman in the mirror…  and getting her to do what she ought:  O,  what a challenge, sometimes!!  I know this.  I know this painfully well. And so… I want to share with you some things you might do to help the woman in the mirror. Don’t “muddle” through life… there is help and there is hope.Your tomorrows do not have to be like your yesterdays. I’ve sometimes thought, with dread, that things will never change.  I’ve sometimes thought, again with dread, that I will never change… that I will never get a handle on this or that struggle.Every now and then, when things seem to be going swell — it seems that all of a sudden, like a strong gust of wind or a wave:  personal failures flow over me — accusations level me, fear grips me, other people’s opinions blast me.  In such times, I’m once again continue reading

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