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Anderson Family Farm

Our friends, Rick and Kimberlee Anderson’s family business, Anderson Family Farm, is one of the nominees in the Audience Choice Award for one of  Martha Stewart’s features: American Made.   Would you consider taking a moment to vote for this family business as it will help them gain business exposure.  You may also want to help them in a “modern day barn raising” as they seek to move forward in expanding their family enterprise.   Thank you so much for your consideration.


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Empty Spaces

I don’t know what it is about “empty spaces” and my (and maybe your) insatiable need to fill them, but both are there: the empty spaces and the insatiable need to fill them. I guess I attempt to fill full spaces, too… but that’s another story for another day.

I was tempted to take the beautiful new calendar my daughter bought for me and insert it into the oak calendar frame and rehang it clean and fresh — empty — for awhile. But before I knew

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a friend’s anniversary letter

I received this letter… and it’s too sweet to not share with you. I console myself with this letter — that perhaps one day I will have a mind to write such a letter. I loved his wife, Florence, even giving our last baby, our daughter Amelia her name as a middle name… and I added “Joy” to it because Florence brought me great joy and encouragement. Amelia bears the name well… as she does for the other woman she’s named after. Although, I never called Mrs. Pais: Amelia, it

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Life’s Threads

Through the years we gather and carry with us so many experiences and acquaintances. All of these are mingled among the successes and failures in the different testings and affirmations of faith. I marvel: the handiwork of the Lord; I marvel that He never misses a thread. Things I think are wasted, things long forgotten, prayers and petitions, praises and disappointments… God’s still holding all the threads of these things.

Time passes and memories fade — and then, seemingly by chance, an old friendship is rekindled,

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Sweetest Day

It is the third Saturday of October — Sweetest Day. For many people, for many reasons, today is [the] Sweetest Day.

I’m thinking that, after reading an article about an abortionist who was gripped with the reality of what abortion really is, maybe some will make a decision, on this Sweetest Day, to decide/admit/repent once and for all that abortion is murder of a precious little baby — and to, from henceforth, recognize and proclaim the truth of abortion and admit the heinous atrocity of destroying human life and the

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Thank you for joining me here today, may the Lord bless you and your home.