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The years teach much
which the days never knew.


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the double standard of feminine dressssss

I was listening to the radio as I was driving to pick up some of the children who were visiting friends and I heard a talk-show host comment (with surprised and almost disgusted amazement) that men are really going beyond the appropriate boundaries of dress when they will now buy and wear “mantyhose” – men’s pantyhose – and there was a bit of chuckle-chuckle over that one.

So, yeah… I did… I did come home and google the mantyhose and, yes, I did see they are, indeed, being marketed (don’t […]

“…that women would adorn themselves…”

…in modest apparel.”

I’ve been mulling this over (and over) and over. This morning I was browsing Facebook then the Drudge Report and the Seattle Times. And you know… there’s a common thread (pun unintentional — but I think there’s something to it) and a common appearance. It’s not just the blurring the lines between decency and indecency or masculinity and femininity (certainly not in the SeattleTimes). But it’s more than that — I’m not sure it’s driven by culture today or culture of thirty years ago or what. I’m […]

Wear a dress and go as a girl…

The sweet blessings I’ve had the privilege to enjoy through the years of maintaining A Christian Home website are the wonderful letters and testimonies that visitors send me. It’s been particularly true regarding the matter of feminine dress and the LORD’s touch and direction for many women and girls. I used to feel like I was one of few who saw or heard the biblical message of modesty and feminine dress for women and girls. It has seemed that women everywhere are coming to the same conclusion […]

Modest Dress

Whenever an article about conservative or modest dress is published, I rejoice! I rejoice because not only does it validate a message I so long to proclaim, but it also validates the choice and convictions of thousands of sisters around the world. Kelli sent me a USA Today article link that features a sister in the LORD, Wendy, who has the Wendy’s Modest Dress website.

I’ve had the pleasure of writing to Wendy many times over the years –first “meeting” her online when I was a member of an […]

The You-Know-You-Want-Me Clothes

I spent the day yesterday with the olders… the olders, meaning the four oldest at home (and that, thankfully, included Timothy). We sort of followed an oft taken course… Penney’s in town, the bank and Starbucks. Our little town really only has one viable clothing store and we’re thus forced to drive a tad bit to surrounding towns to do any significant shopping. I guess we still do get into enough shopping trouble locally, so, I suppose it’s a good thing the great stores require a bit of […]

Modest Clothing…

Many times in the past several years I’ve written articles or posts on the topic of modesty and/or modest dress. I’ve received letters of thanks and letters of condemnation. I think the letters of thanks are the ones I prefer, but I also appreciate the letters of disapproval, for it is in the reading and mulling over these letters that I gain understanding and can better articulate my convictions “the next time” the modesty issue comes up. I’ve talked about modesty to groups of women at retreats and to women […]