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My First Pie

My first pie was probably the best pie I’ve ever made — though my mama tells me that a fresh blackberry pie I made something like eight years after that first pie was the best pie I ever made. I don’t know if either one was really the best — but in my fond memories, or the events that have made the greatest impression on me are those events that were ‘first’s’ — those attempts at achieving perfection with no experience — it was the best pie.

Perfection doesn’t necessarily come from doing something hundreds of times —

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My First Cake…

I’ve been thinking back on my first cake — well, I think it was my first — could’ve been my second. I was making a cake for my mother’s birthday — so, June. I made my first cake in June. I cannot recall the year — probably I was nine years old. I made a cake from a boxed mix and I added blue food colouring along with the eggs and water. Maybe some oil. It would have been Wesson Oil, I think. I baked the cake in an angel food cake pan and set the timer so I’d be

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