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cookies! cookies! cookies!

Each year at Christmastime, I look forward to making plates of cookies for our family and friends. And for the last twenty-some-odd years, I’ve enjoyed using special recipes in my cookbooks written by Susan Branch. While I still love my old cookbooks and recipe cards the most, with the advent of the internet and the ease of gathering and printing out recipes, our cookie recipe sources and variety have increased greatly! Many years ago I began posting links to Susan Branch’s recipes and, more specifically, her beautiful and artistic cookie link page. So, here you go… again this

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Cookies… and more.

Of all the cookbooks I have — and I have many — surely, among my favourites are by Susan Branch — the different “Heart of the Home” cookbooks I began receiving as gifts after Kathryn was born in 1986. They were then, and are now, among my treasured books — not only bcz I have enjoyed the recipes so much, but also bcz the books are simply lovely to read… you’ll see.

This afternoon, I received her email-newsletter — which I will save — as I do each newsletter she sends. They’re far too beautiful not

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My First Cake…

I’ve been thinking back on my first cake — well, I think it was my first — could’ve been my second. I was making a cake for my mother’s birthday — so, June. I made my first cake in June. I cannot recall the year — probably I was nine years old. I made a cake from a boxed mix and I added blue food colouring along with the eggs and water. Maybe some oil. It would have been Wesson Oil, I think. I baked the cake in an angel food cake pan and set the timer so I’d be

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MM Fondant

I’m learning to make some pretty smooth fondant for wedding cakes — well, any cake, actually! This is so easy to make and tastes so nice, I can’t figure out why I ever bought “ready-made” fondant! Not to mention the price. Okay, I will. The cost to make fondant is *significantly* less than the retail price of packaged fondant. Another thing I love about making fondant is the ease of colouring and flavouring the fondant!

I don’t have my A Bella Cake site ready yet, but I’ll be adding photos of cakes there. I’ll link to it when it’s

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