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♥ My favs… Food Blogs

♥  Can You Stay For Dinner? 
I was tearful reading Andie’s story.  Her blog’s beautifully done, her recipes: marvelous.  But it’s her life that’s the most beautiful — at least, that’s what I came away thinking after reading some of her journey entries.

Cook Like A Champion
I like this blog’s way of presenting delicious foods that are common and “do-able!”  It’s clean and neat.  And they have a cute new baby. :o)

Best Friends For Frosting
I like this blog for many different reasons… you know how I love to bake and love to try new things… well, i just love to see the photos from this blog and spark my imagination with their ideas and creations.  That, and the recipes are delicious.  Like recipes from friends should be. :o)

For Trim Healthy Mama Recipes ~ Links ~ Tips ~ Articles ~ Reviews
TheWelcomeHome = THM = Trim Healthy Mama

Just A Pinch

♥  The Old Hen Bed & Breakfast  — UPDATE: The B&B closed, but you can still glean delicious & beautiful recipes here at The Old Hen!
I love reading this blog… so many interesting stories and wonderful recipes for all occasions!  I guess what I like most about this site is that the recipes are very, very similar to many things we make or have made in our family… so the foods are “common to us” and that’s really what makes a site a favourite to me.   It’s like having friends who like us and the same tuff we like… and we don’t have to continually make excuses for what we make or why we do what we do.  It’s all understood. :o)

♥  Foodily is like a gigantic mall of foodies-sites-blogs.  I think you’ll like it… it’s clean, bright… eclectic and fun.

♥  It seems that most every week I receive an email with a reference or a link to The Pioneer Woman – and yet another fabulous recipe.  I love that she showcases so many other cookers of good things. ;o)  And makes most everything look like it’s really what ought to be served at our house today!

America’s Test Kitchen  

America's Test Kitchen Magazines

You will be so thankful you have this marvelous site at your fingertips.  You’ll also probably want to subscribe to the magazine once you browse the site and see the methods they will show you.  The magazines will likely become part of your kitchen library.

♥  bon apétit   If you can’t learn it from America’s Test Kitchen, you’ll likely find out how to make that amazingly delicious, marvelously unique dish at BON APPÉTIT.  You’ll also want to keep each issue should you decide to subscribe to bon apétit magazine!

♥  CAKE  ♥  CAKE   ♥  CAKE  ♥  CAKE  ♥   There’s one name I want you to know when you’re talking cake (or cookies, pie, bread or just about anything else, you will want to read:  Rose Beranbaum.   And her books will be part of your kitchen library.  No casual baker, she.

♥  If I could write cookbooks, I’d want them to look essentially like the ones Susan Branch writes and illustrates… but I don’t so I collect hers.  You can see examples of her books and other products here and here.


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