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♥ Marriage

I’m posting a link to an old page from the antiquated original AChristianHome website.  I no longer have the antiquated program that was used to design the pages 🙁 , so there are many uncorrected or out of date links — I’m sure there’s a work-around, but I don’t have the mind-space to do it just now.  However, that page is still filled with useful information, in addition to internal links that lead to articles on old the site I’m still glad I wrote.  I hope it will help you.

Seeking help, encouragement, and inspiration for building, correcting, strengthening marriage is of utmost importance and inestimable worth.  ♥ A good marriage takes work, dedication, sticktoitiveness, flexibility, sacrifice, HUMILITY, patience, forgiveness, GRACE, commitment and TIME!   Be attentive to these things… I sincerely pray you will have a blessed and beautiful, enduring marriage!  Here’s that old link: woman to woman: marriage

I’ll continue to write about marriage and/or share links from time to time… but today’s the best day to just get on your knees and pray… get out your Bible, be quiet and wait on the Lord for what He would have you to do.  And, by His grace, do it. And stick to it!






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